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Exploring Dubai’s Car Rental Scene: Insights and Statistics on Driving in Style (AD)

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Car rentals are one of the biggest selling points of Dubai and for its tourists. You can always expect to see the flashiest cars being driven on its many winding roads. With such an intense market, there is so much to explore and understand with four-wheel transportation. If you are interested in driving in Dubai yourself, you may find these latest trends and insights interesting. Find out why a mercedes car rental dubai deal is currently the most popular option. Learn how electric cars are shaking up the market. So many trends to learn if you wish to also drive in style. 

Rise of Electric Vehicles

This is one of the biggest impacts to have in Dubai. It is even affecting the whole world with how much the car developers wish to push it. Electric cars can run completely on electricity from a battery. This means that it doesn’t require the need for fossil fuels like gas or petrol. Many potential drivers are already investing in electric cars to help the planet and improve their global footprint. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be viable for long in the rental space. 

Quick wins to help your car pass its MOT

The reason for this is due to two reasons. The first is that there are still major challenges EVs must overcome. The major obstacle is having an available charging port for the battery. EVs may be on the rise but the facilities that can charge them are still rare. Many facilities and parking spots in Dubai don’t have charging stations. If there is no charging station, then tourists and travellers will not be looking to rent an electric car. Having to rely on public charging stations may impact on where they wish to go and how far they wish to drive. 

The second reason is the pricing. Renting an EV for a longer period can be a lot more expensive. This is simply due to the cost of manufacturing them. Compared to traditional vehicles, most tourists will go for the cheaper option. Regardless of how people may feel about the environment, paying more money for an EV will mainly boil down to those that can afford it. 

Rising Demand in Luxury Cars

More and more people wish to drive in more luxury vehicles. Renting out these types of cars has never been easier. This caused a rise in popularity as just about anyone with a reasonable budget can now afford the most stylish cars on the market. The flexibility of having your very own Ferrari model, even for just a single day, means having access to something they wouldn’t back home. There is also a growing trend of cars being rented for an entire year and then immediately switching to a newer model afterwards. 

This trend is mainly followed by the super car enthusiasts. Those that wish to stay up to date with the latest models available and be the first ones to drive them. Renting offers a more affordable way of keeping up with this hobby. It works well as new models are consistently being made every year. With the connections that Dubai has in the automobile industry, this is the best location to rent a car that is recently made. Any business that can provide the most recent models will get the most profit in the long run. This is what keeps many of the rental services afloat and causes some to go under. 

Most Popular Cars in the Market

Here is some info and statistics on some of the best cars you can find from 2023-2024:

  • Toyota is the official most popular brand in the UAE. The most favoured models are the Toyota Land Cruiser and the Corolla with high resale value. 
  • Mitsubishi models have been purchased rapidly by UAE, making the Japanese brand rocket in sales. 
  • Nissan offers cozy SUVs that are popular with group trips and family outings. They also offer Sedans for more fashionable options. 
  • Honda is another Japanese brand for high-quality models. Examples include the Accord, Honda City, and the Civic. 

If you are looking to rent out a car in Dubai, try looking for these specific brands. You may find a good deal whilst looking for older models. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.