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My husband and I have become avid gardeners in the last couple of years. We are the proud holders of an allotment plot, well, two actually. Being able to spend time together relaxing, tending to our plot and enjoying the fresh air has been fantastic for us. When the good people at FFX got in touch, to ask us if we wanted a gift voucher to review their website, we couldn’t resist. Today I want to let you know what we thought of the FFX website and the products that we received.

Potatoes at our allotment

Look at all the lovely potatoes (and weeds!) – dug these up using our FFX tools!

Stainless steel tools have a long life to them and are great to use

FFX - Stainless Steel Draper tools

We chose a mix variety of gardening items with our gift voucher. Firstly we chose this 4 piece stainless steel fork and spade set. This set has two large full size fork and spades and two hand size ones. I’ve been using the hand size ones to take care of my raised beds and Tom, my husband, has been using the full size ones to take care of the main parts of our plot. These tools are well made, high quality and really good for digging the ground. I’ve found the hand tools really comfortable to hold, great for weeding and turning soil over and best of all they should last us a number of years.

Keeping my plot weed free with a dutch hoe

FFX - Dutch hoe

The next item that I chose was this dutch hoe. This has a wooden handle and has been ideal for me to weed between our peas, runner beans and potatoes. I’ve always got a lot of weeding to do when I visit the allotment so the hoe is really my ideal tool. This is comfortable to hold, strong and shows no signs of any weakness so far. At the moment I’m harvesting lots of herbs to freeze for Winter, this hoe is ideal for keeping my herbs in tip top condition and weed free.

Hoping Tom doesn’t almost blow his own leg off when he mixes this!

FFX - Garden care products

We also chose brushwood killer, as we have LOTS of bramble patches on our allotment. We’ve used this before and this stuff is STRONG. Make sure to dilute it. Absolutely do not use a plastic pressurised spray container, as my husband did last year. It exploded and he almost hit us all, including 3 month old Daisy, with plastic shards! It was not his finest moment that is for sure.

We also picked up some pour & feed. Ideal for keeping the new veggies for Winter nice and healthy – plus my lovely pumpkin I’m growing for Halloween!

The FFX website was simple to use and navigate. It isn’t the most fancy website I’ve ever seen, however it was easy to look for items that I wanted. Also, once I placed my order it took around 5 days for my goods to ship. It did state that there would be a delay to my order, as one of the items was on backorder I believe. I was kept informed and the goods actually despatched one day before it stated they would, so I was happy with that.

Our goods were delivered by UK Mail, well packaged and they all arrived safely. The courier tried to bring all of the parcels up the stairs by himself but besides that there was no problems at all. We were really pleased with the service, the quality of the goods and the prices seemed competitive too. I did compare prices on a few items before I chose them and they did seem to have realistic RRPs listed for things.

Overall we have both been really pleased with the quality of FFX. The goods we received were fantastic, delivered in a timely manner and competitively priced. Best of all we are plowing through the work at our allotment even better now that we have nice tools to help us. If you’re in the market for some new gardening goods then be sure to check out FFX.

We received the items featured in this post for free, in exchange for this post. However, as always, all opinions are our own.

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