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The flavour-led weaning cookbook review (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted a copy of this book in exchange for coverge. Our lovely little daughter Daisy has an allergy to cows milk. Daisy also has an allergy to soya and can’t eat chicken either because of FPIES.

This means that mealtimes aren’t always as simple as I want them to be. I’m happy to cook, and spend time preparing food, however, I’m sometimes low on inspiration.

At times I end up sticking to the same meals that I know she enjoys. Daisy is a great eater, despite her allergies. Daisy will try almost any meal that I put in front of her, like a lot of small babies.

At 11 months old this is the perfect time to ensure that Daisy is getting used to a broad range of flavours and texts.

Today I want to talk to you about ‘The flavour-led weaning cookbook’ that I’ve received an advance copy of from the lovely Zainab Jagot Ahmed.

The flavour-led weaning cookbook

This book is a fantastic book to take you and your child all the way from the first few tastes right up to grown up meals. The beginning of the book gives you a great introduction to weaning.

I was really pleased to see the guideline of 6 months there for weaning, as this is the best for digestive health of your baby.

The flavour-led weaning cookbook takes you from purees at 6 months / or minimum of 17 weeks right up to 12 months and beyond. 

The flavour-led weaning cookbook starts off with great purees, plain initially, and then the introduction of herbs, spices and other lovely flavours.

This book is split into stages based on your child’s age and then there is helpful advice at the beginning of each stage. The stages have advice, meal plans and different recipes introducing new ingredients. There is lots of advice throughout the book about portion sizes, textures and much more.

I felt that the book gave you all the information that you’d need to start your weaning journey and then travel through the months until your child is on grown up food.

Magnificent meal plans!

The flavour-led weaning cookbook - A look at one of the mealplans

It can feel daunting when you first begin to wean your child, especially if they are your first child. There are wonderful meal plans within this book to help you stay organised. Being able to have a page to refer back to is a fantastic idea.

As a new parent weaning I found it hard to get organised at first, having a meal plan is a brilliant way to keep on top of everything.

I loved that the recipes gave you an idea of the quantities. For example with the purees it told you that you’d make around 12 ice cubes. This is fantastic, particularly for money saving!

Daisy’s delicious recipe (that we adapted for dairy free!)

A look at the cheesy tortilla pizza slices in the book

Despite Daisy being dairy free I found that the recipes that contained dairy were easily adaptable. I tried the super simple cheesy tortilla pizza slices for dinner one evening when we were pushed for time. The sauce had apricots, garlic, oregano and pepper in so I felt like Daisy was getting lots of flavour.

I love Daisy to get lots of great tastes and this really didn’t disappoint. Daisy really enjoyed the tortilla pizza slices, using homemade tortillas, as you can see!

Daisy loved it!

Overall I’ve been pleasantly surprised by just how informative the flavour-led weaning cookbook is. It does give you ALL THE INFORMATION YOU’D NEED FOR WEANING. From start to finish.

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(AD) The flavour-led weaning cookbook

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Tuesday 14th of March 2017

Love this as my daughter is about to start on solids


Wednesday 15th of March 2017

It is a fantastic book - well worth a purchase!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.