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Helping those in need with the #FoodbankAdvent campaign

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I’m someone who loves to help people in need. I spend some of my time, each day or week, thinking about how I can help others. Sometimes I will complete a random act of kindness. Other times I will donate to a charity or good cause. I’m always on the lookout for ways that I can help others. For example, I use shopping apps to get discounted or free items and then I donate them to the foodbank. This only costs me a little money, or sometimes just time, and is a great way to help those in need. This month I’m going to be collecting items for the foodbank, at least one per day, and today I want to talk to you, briefly, about #FoodbankAdvent and what the campaign is.

Remember when I made this really average DIY advent calendar? I’m still proud and can’t wait to get it out again this year and fill it with little notes and goodies for Daisy.

What is #FoodbankAdvent?

This is a hashtag that myself and lots of other bloggers are using when sharing photographs of the items that we will be donating to our local food bank.

The idea of the campaign is a simple one. Get a box and every day for 25 days, or even the whole month, add an item to the box. Then donate it to your food bank! Simple. Really simple. I love that it takes me just seconds to think about this each day, and I am doing something that is going to benefit someone else at Christmas time.

Here is a little look at my box from last year:

#FoodbankAdvent campaign

As you can see I have a mixture of items in the box so far. I have pet food, snack meals that just require hot water, baby food pouches, a few sweets and goodies and then some tea and tins. After this photograph, I added sanitary products, deodorants, more baby food and drinks, tinned meat, other dry goods and a few Christmas goodies too.

I’m really happy to be involved with this campaign again. There is lots of time for you to take part as food banks really do need donations all year round.

Points to remember about #FoodbankAdvent

It is REALLY important to speak to your local foodbank, if you’re going to buy items, to find out what you can help them with. Some food banks may receive an abundance of goodies related to Christmas, such as Christmas puddings and mince pies, but struggle with everyday items such as sanitary towels, pet food or toilet rolls. By speaking to your nearest foodbank you can find out exactly what they need and help them with items they are low of.

Find your local food bank

Make a donation to the Trussell Trust Christmas Appeal

Don’t forget that foodbanks need items all year round. There are 500+ people a month visiting my local foodbank alone, so just imagine how bad the situation is across the country. 

If you’re feeling inspired give your cupboards a clear out, pick up a few goodies at the supermarket or raid your bathroom cabinet for new, unopened, in date items that you can donate! You can drop the items directly to your foodbank. Also, many supermarkets have a basket in store for your donations.

I’m taking part in this campaign partly as a money blogger, inspired by the UK Money Bloggers campaign but also as someone who likes to help others. I encourage you to take part, whether this month OR next month. If you’re taking part this month then you’ve got lots of time to drop your parcel off. If you’re taking part next month then please either finish before the 25th, to have time to drop your box off for the Christmas distribution (usually 2-3 days beforehand) OR to drop off in the New Year when people may find their financial situation reaching a breaking point.

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Saturday 10th of November 2018

Oh that's fantastic Stacie, I'm so glad you've been inspired!