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I have wrote about a number of free daily prize draws. I have been a winner on several of these great websites now which has been a fantastic bonus for me. Today I am going to talk to you about some of the free daily prize draws that you could sign up to.

Ashleigh Moneysaver Prize Draw – The daily prize for this draw is £100. You can sign up in a number of ways and I have personally used Facebook. This means that I can stay logged in easily and see in just two clicks if I am a winner.

FreeBirthDateLottery – The daily prize draw for this varies from £5-£10 depending on the day of the week. You can register, for free. There are a number of ways to earn bonus credit on site, and this is added to any wins you may have. You just need to register, provide your birthday and a few basic details and you are in the draw.

Free Emoji Lottery – Same as above really. Choose some emojis, win some cash. Usual prize £5, rollsover. Has gone over £100 before. Find out more in this post.

FreePostCodeLottery – The daily prize for this draw varies. There are actually 6 different draws available on the website now. Prizes can range from £5 – £500+ a day. All you require to register is your postcode and some other basic information. Also, if you win you can donate your prize to charity and it will be DOUBLED! This is a fantastic website to visit daily and it takes just 6 or 7 clicks to check the 6 different prize draws. Please note that access to two of the prize draws is based on the size of an on site bonus, which can take time to grow. I personally have a bonus of more than £25 just waiting to be added to any prize that I win. The prizes on this website roll over, for some of the draws.

Gfk Mediaview – A daily survey on your television and radio viewing habits. You receive prize draw entries which you see you win a gift voucher weekly or monthly. You can also earn additional points for extra questions at the end of the surveys. I received £27 of gift vouchers in one month alone for a survey that takes me less than 1 minute a day.

Lucky Phone – You can register your mobile and home phones with this company. Your number will then generate you a daily entry into a prize draw. You can earn points, which you can exchange for cash, even for being close to winning. This makes Lucky Phone one of the best free daily prize draws. You can earn a share of their advertising revenue just for visiting daily. I have personally won £10 from this company and received another £20 by exchanging points. There are 2 prize draws with the prizes being £5 and £10 per day. The £10 daily prize rolls over if not won and increases each day until there is a winner. Use my promo code KK50 to receive 50 points towards your first cashout!

MyLuckyPatch – Register your own patches of land and each day you could win £100+. There is an additional bonus of 50p for each day that you visit the website and also if you use my referral link you will receive a top-up of £5 to your personal bonus. Each day you visit you receive further patches to use and ultimately increase your chance of being a winner.

Number Plate Lotto – You can register your number plate and email address to be in with a chance to win. The prizes tend to start at £10 per day and this rolls over if it is not won. The prize draw is made at 9pm each day and the winner has until the next draw to claim.

The Selfie Lottery – You can register and upload a photograph of yourself. I have personally registered via Facebook and it took just seconds to register. The daily prize is dependent on a number of factors. If I was a winner today I would stand to win £153. This is made up of £30 for today’s jackpot, £30 for referring someone else and £93 loyalty bonus. The loyalty bonus builds up at a rate of 50p per day so it is definitely a great incentive to check frequently. This website is now closed as of May 2017. 

The Street Lottery – You can register your address, door number and street name. Then each day there is a winner chosen. The price is $5 and this rolls over each day. The prize fund is due to grow as the website becomes bigger and more popular. I have personally won AND I know of 4 other people I have referred who have won.  You can read my post about winning here.

I hope that these free daily prize draws will bring you a great deal of luck. I have already won prizes with GeoTask, Lucky Phone, The Street Lottery and know of people who have won with each of the other companies I have wrote about.

My new favourite of the free daily prize draws…

Win A Dinner – Register in seconds with two basic details (I think!). Each day at 4pm a winner will be drawn. Winner can have a £20 Paypal, £30 restaurant voucher etc. More details here.

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You could win cash daily with free daily prize draws. Every day there is £100s up for grabs from various websites

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