How you can gamble safely

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*This is a collaborative post. There are lots of ways online that I work to boost my income. I take part in surveys, undertake mystery shops, andsell items on eBay. Plus much more. From time to time I like to play a little online bingo, or take part in gambling. For me personally this is not an issue, as I stick to set rules, and only play with money that I can afford to lose. Being able to gamble safely is something that is important to me as I know that people can be sucked in to gambling addictions. For me a little bit of gamble is fun, as long as I gamble safely. I must say that I like to play bingo, from time to time, and have found some Bingo reviews here.

How you can gamble safely

Spending beyond your means, or spending more than you intended is not fun. I have a friend who has done this in the past and it is sad, and embarrassing to watch. Responsible gambling is something that is important to me and I always stick to a set of rules when I want to gamble, and gamble safely.

Gamble safely – Make a budget

Think before you begin to gamble what you want to spend. £10, maybe £20? Have a small, and realistic budget. You are basically passing over your money, to buy fun. You need to be aware of this. There are no guarantees with gambling, that you are going to win, and the house often wins. How do you think companies can afford adverts on television? Or the radio? Making a budget, in advance, and sticking to it can help you gamble safely and keep things fun. Play in a bingo room with cheap tickets (often available from 1p) or set your slots spin value to the lowest possible. Often you can have a spin for just 20p. If your budget is £10, and you have a few small wins, you can play for a nice while.

Gamble safely – Set a deposit limit

Responsible gambling websites will allow you to set  a deposit limit. Often you can choose a limit per day, week or month. If you set your limit, spend it, and try and deposit your request will be rejected. This is to protect you from spending more than you intended. This is a fantastic way to gamble safely and ensure that you don’t get sucked in to chasing your losses.

Gamble safely – Never try to win back what you have spent

This is almost always going to end up with you spending more than you budgeted, and feeling bad in the process. This is never a good idea. Often the payout of a slot machine is 92 – 98% of all money put in. This means that somebody is always going to lose, and someone win. Sometimes you might win, other times you won’t. Accept that this is part of gambling and once the money is gone it is gone. Never try to chase your losses and win back what you have spent.

Gamble safely – Avoid gambling when feeling negative

If you are having a hard time in life then definitely avoid gambling. The negative feelings associated with losing, while you are already feeling down, can lead to depression or even suicidal thoughts. Gambling should be seen as fun, and not a crutch for when you are feeling down.

Gambling, for some, can be a great way of having some fun. Knowing how to gamble safely can keep it fun, and prevent problems occurring. Always take advantage of the responsible gambling features on a website. Also, if you feel that you have a problem beginning then ensure that you self-exclude. Then seek help from Gamcare.

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