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Getting ready for the ‘new’ back to school with the Phomemo D30 printer (AD)

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2021 starts off with a bit of a change for us, again! Daisy will be home schooling for the coming weeks, at least, as the schools where we live are closed due to being in Tier 4. I’m making an attempt at getting organised with the Phomemo D30 printer.

I must admit that I felt a little nervous about this, initially, as I’m trying to fit in working as much as possible before the birth of our second baby with family life, and having some sort of work/life balance too!

I was recently sent the Phomemo D30 printer, which is a portable multifunctional thermal label printer, that you can use to print various sizes and types of labels. You can print from 6 – 15mm width labels, with multiple designs, and you can print name labels, round labels, labels for storage and much more.

Phomemo D30 printer and two boxes of labels (one gold, one transparent)

The Phomemo D30 printer is lightweight, at just over 150g, so is great for carrying around the house. It is only 13.11cm x 7.55cm x 2.9cm so is really handy for carrying into any room of our home to print labels to help us stay more organised.

As this is a thermal label printer there is no need for me to spend money on adding or changing ink, toners or even replacing ribbons.

Phomemo D30 printer with two labels sticking out of the top.

All I needed to do to get started with using this printer was turn it on, by holding down the front button, connect to the printer, download the Print Master app (by scanning a QR code on the instructions – or you can visit the app store) then I wanted to get started right away so I went into ‘lite mode’. I connected via bluetooth, entered the content that I wanted to print and checked the settings, and hit print. It took literally 2 minutes to get started fresh out of the box!

The first time I used this printer I had not quite followed the instructions, so I needed to reposition the labels and reprint. I just pressed the power button one time and a reprint happened instantly. It is super simple to use.

There are 10 different fonts to download and choose from on the Print Master app, and this took just a minute to complete.

This means that I can allow Daisy to choose fonts that she feels are easiest to read, which is ideal when we are starting to encourage her to have more independence and get herself ready for school in the morning. Once she goes back of course!

Labels for school clothes, school shoes and books

The D30 label printer is ideal for a variety of uses. So far I’ve used mine to help organise Daisy’s school clothes in their drawer, so Tom and I know where to put them away and so Daisy knows where everything is without unrolling all the organised clothes.

I’ve also used these labels to organise the flour in my pantry. I did have some labels previously, however, after just over a year I’ve gradually washed them away until it has become harder and harder to see if it is plain, self-raising or bread flour! This is NOT ideal as someone who loves to cook, and who hates food waste, so I’ve printed new labels to help me identify the flours easily.

Labels for bread flour, self-raising flour and plain flour

What’s more.. I can print off the dates that things were opened, and stick to the bottom of my containers. Now I won’t have to worry if things really are fresh!

Labels for bread flour, self-raising flour, plain flour and dates to show when the items were opened

Overall I have found this really simple to use. It sets up in 1-2 minutes fresh out of the box, and I didn’t even need to charge it up first.

It was really straight forward to fit the labels, and get using them. I found the app simple to use, though it did take me a minute to work out how to get the text to centre, so that it printed properly.

I’m looking forward to organising some more areas of my home, as I’ve already used this to help me organise the kitchen.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.