Getting started with matched betting – what you need

So you’ve clicked this because you are planning on getting started with matched betting right? Well – you’ve come to the right place!

When I was first getting started with matched betting I was really nervous. However, I shouldn’t have been. Matched betting has been absolutely fantastic for me. In the last 6 months, I’ve made in excess of £15,000 and I’m always happy to share some of my pointers with other people.

Matched betting is basically a tax-free way to make money from free bets and make money from bookies and betting exchanges.

Companies want to offer you a free bet, to entice you in as a new customer. They may also want to retain your custom by offering your free bets, free bonuses for slot machines or even a few chips to play at the roulette table. Websites such as Profit Accumulator will tell you how you can use these bonuses, free bets and free chips to your advantage to make a profit for yourself. You can even get started with a free trial that will make you around £45.

Getting started with matched betting is surprisingly easy. Like a lot of people, worried a lot about getting started. I worried that I was going to make a mistake. I worried that I was going to bet on the wrong areas and lose an amount of money. Also, I worried that I may have already had some accounts with bookmakers. All of my fears were unfounded! Along the way I have found that I have some accounts already, which hasn’t been much of a hindrance. I have also made a mistake along the way – namely letting my 4 month old daughter play with my phone and she managed to place a large bet! Still, all was not lost and I was able to continue getting started with matched betting.

If you want to get started right away then why not just jump in with a free trial? Alternatively, if you want to learn a little more about getting started with matched betting then these posts will be a great help to you:

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How I made more than £15,000 in just 4 months

How I made £7,906.12 in just 10 minutes! 

As you can see from the £7,906.12 post I have included a screenshot my win! I even received congratulations from the brand in question and contrary to what people think my account was NOT closed!

I’ve had lots of fantastic wins along the way. Often I will have a big win of £200+. This happens to me at least 1 or 2 times most months. I do also partake in some of the offers that are a little more complex, so do bear that in mind. If you want to stick to free bet offers (clearly marked on the website) then you’ll still be able to make £300-£500 easily and there is still a chance of a great win along the way too! You’ll be guided through step by step by Profit Accumulator. They have a fantastic matched betting calculator that can help you take advantage of all sorts of offers including reload offers and to understand terms and conditions.

If you want to get started with matched betting then I’d advise you to use Profit Accumulator. It is my matched betting company of choice. I love their text and video guides. The forum is incredibly useful. There are LOTS of members on there – some have made over £100,000. An astounding figure I am sure you’ll agree! There are lots of members posting screenshots of their wins, to prove sceptics wrong, and you’ll usually find someone to answer any questions that you might have.

If matched betting isn’t for you I’ve got a whole list of ways to make and save money online.

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Everything you need for getting started with matched betting. Find out how I make money, how you can too and how I made £15,000 in just 4 months!