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GFK Mediaview

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Today I am going to talk to you about how you can earn gift vouchers just for giving your opinion on television and radio shows.

*GFK Mediaview is a company that is looking to gain opinions on television and radio shows. By completing a brief daily survey you can earn entries into a prize draw. Typically there are 100s of gift vouchers, ranging from £1 – £5, up for grabs each week.

So far, in the last month, I have been invited to two special studies, earning me £10 each week, and I have also won a £2 and a £5 gift voucher.

Money with a text overlay displaying Top 5 survey sites to make you cash

I’m not expecting to always win with *GFK Mediaview or always get invited to the special studies. Although it does seem that if you complete the surveys regularly that you are likely to have a win every few weeks or get a special study invite.

I say this because for the first week I didn’t have time to participate much and the second week I did, then I received two invites to special studies.

The daily survey is short but it’s length varies depending on how many television shows or radio shows you have listened to.

1 x £20 note, 3 x £10 notes and text overlay that says great offers to make and save money in the UK

You will usually just be asked to answer a few brief questions, and perhaps fill in one answer where you type your opinion on a storyline or television show. I find that I can complete the surveys each day in around a minute, or less.

On the days when I completed a special study this took around 2-3 minutes and needed to be done everyday for a week. However, when I missed one day it was possible to catch up the following day so I still received my voucher.

Vouchers come via email and then you can log on to an online portal where you can choose gift vouchers of your choice. I personally have been choosing Amazon, just because I use Amazon so much, however, they have lots of choice.

A hand holding a mobile phone which displays the Airtime Rewards app and shows a £2.00 current balance and £1.34 pending from Papa Johns spending

While *GFK Mediaview is not a guaranteed way to make some extra money if you’re a fan of daily prize draws then this is a great way to have a chance to win.

They typically have 1,500+ vouchers to give away every week and the more you complete the more chances you have to win as there are different prize draw tiers based on your participation.

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You can make money when you answer questions about your television viewing habits.

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Sunday 17th of July 2016

I tried to use a similar system before but I found the sheer volume of emails really offputting. Good way to make some extra money though! Teri-May xx

Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy

Sunday 17th of July 2016

I used to do loads of these survey type things, and I earnt good money from it.

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