Goodlife Review: Veggies are not so bad after all!

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I’ve had an unusual relationship with vegetables over the years. First I was a non meat eater, otherwise known as a vegetarian, however I didn’t eat many vegetables. Then I was a meat eater who also didn’t eat many vegetables. Now for the last 5 years or so I’ve started to love vegetables. My favourite vegetables are mostly the ones I’m growing at my allotment this year. Potatoes, onions, spinach, broccoli, parsnips etc. I love a nice root vegetable. There are others that I like too. But these are my favourite. Anyway, in my quest to try more vegetables, and vegetable based meals, I said yes to reviewing some products from Goodlife.

A look at the Goodlife range

I was fortunate enough to be able to choose the products that I wanted to try, from the Goodlife range at Ocado. The three items that I chose were the Goodlife Mushroom & Spinach Kievs, the Goodlife Gluten-Free falafel and the Goodlife green bean & spinach sausages. I’m going to talk you through the individual products and what I thought of them.

Goodlife Gluten-Free Falafel

Goodlife Falafel

Now this was my first time EVER trying a falafel. I know, where have I been right?! Anyway, I was already a fan of most of the ingredients so figured I would like these. I really did! My husband and I sat down to lunch together. We used these falafel, cooked from frozen in just 15 minutes, in a wrap with hummus. They were a little on the dry side but they were really tasty. With a nice dipping sauce these would be fantastic finger food when you have guests round.

Goodlife Falafel - A look at the falafel once baked for 15 minutes

I’ll definitely be buying these again!

Goodlife mushroom & spinach Kiev

Goodlife Mushroom & Spinach Kiev

I don’t think I have EVER eaten a kiev without meat inside. These were surprisingly tasty. The spinach complimented the mushroom and it had a lovely texture to it. There was a nice firmness about them and I loved the oozy sauce when I cut in to them too. For me the garlic & cheese sauce worked really well and it replicated a meat kiev, without feeling completely like I was eating meat. In a good way. 

Goodlife Mushroom & Spinach Kiev - A look at the kievs once baked for 20 minutes.

These were delicious as a lunch and I’ve already ordered some more with my next shop.

Goodlife French Bean & Spinach Sausages (with Wensleydale cheese)

Goodlife French Bean & Spinach Sausages with Wensleydale cheese

I used these in my slow cooker. Now officially the packet didn’t say that you could slow cook them. I like to live my life on the edge. As I’m sure you can tell. Anyway, I should have browned these first as it would have helped the colour of them significantly. Looking past the slightly unusual appearance these had once slow cooked (i.e not brown) they were tasty. The spinach was a good mix with the french beans and the vegetable flavour was lovely. The Wensleydale cheese isn’t usually something I enjoy but in these sausages it is the perfect compliment. I think this would have been better if I baked it rather than using my slow cooker. While it doesn’t look the nicest in colour it was a really tasty meal! 

Goodlife French Bean & Spinach Sausages with Wensleydale cheese turned in to a casserole

I was surprised that I could enjoy a meatless sausage this much!

Once I looked past the fact that this range does not have meat in I was pleasantly surprised. We were able to eat several dinners, without meat. Nothing terrible happened. The flavours more than made up for the lack of meat and I liked that they were a suitable alternative. The only slight criticism I could make is that none of the products I tried were as crispy as their meat alternative would be. However, this is presumably because of a lack of fat so that is something I can definitely live with!

The falafel in particular were a favourite of mine. However I’m looking forward to trying lots of the products in the Goodlife range.

This is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own, as always.

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