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Gousto Review box 2

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At the end of last year my husband and I tried a Gousto box for the first time. Gousto is an online company that will pick and pack the ingredients you need for an agreed recipe. The items are then sent out to you, by courier, and you can work through the recipe cards provided.

We have already received a box previously and you can read my post about that box here.

Gousto Review box 2 – what was inside the box

Gousto Review box 2

Firstly this is what the box will look like when it arrives.

Gousto Review box 2

This is what the inside of our Gousto box typically looks like.

Each week Gousto offer different recipes and the ones that we received in our second box were:

  • Curried chicken rice
  • Lamb pistachio meatballs
  • Balsamic glazed sausages
  • Asian beef noodles

When making our recipe selections we picked recipes for 2 people. We wanted to have lots of variety so we went for four different meat options. There were several vegetarian options available also.

A chicken and chorizo paella with text overlay that says the best EVER meal planning tips

A Gousto box, for 2, for 4 dinners, is around £42. You can save a BIG amount of money on your first box *when you order here.

The same as last time our box was received on the quoted day, before lunchtime. The wool packaging and the ice packs had kept the meat and fresh goods at a perfect temperature. This meant I could just unpack the items straight into the fridge.

All of the packaging was intact and as it should be, despite being delivered by courier.

Choosing the recipes is great fun, and allowed me to ensure that we had a variety of meals. The recipe cards that you choose online will show you any items that you will need that are not provided.

For the four recipes above we only need salt, pepper, sugar, olive and vegetable oil. These are all store cupboard items in our home and we only needed small quantities of each so the cost wasn’t prohibitive either.

The same as last time we were very confident using the recipe cards. The cards are simple to follow and it is very easy to follow the recipes. The ingredients are individually portioned and items are labelled to make it clear what you need.

50+ recipes for mealtime inspiration. Frugal dinners, slow cooker meals, side dishes in your slow cooker, easy bakes and delicious desserts. #slowcooker #cheapeats #frugal #dinner #sidedishes #mealplan

Gousto review box 2 – Which recipe was our favourite?

My favourite recipe was the curried chicken rice. This was super easy to make. It was a one pan recipe, which was great for saving on the washing up. The recipe was easy to follow and was very flavoursome. I will definitely choose this again if I see it on the menu with Gousto.

The three other dishes were all delicious and the lamb pistachio meatballs was a close second for us. I loved the variety with the dishes as they had different sides with them. Rice, cous cous, mash and lovely vegetables were included with the recipes.

My overall Gousto review of box 2...

This box was fantastic and I enjoyed it even more than the first one. As we had placed another order we received a cute little Gousto vegetable brush. This was a nice touch and is fantastic quality.

The recipes were easy to follow and accurate based on the stated times. I can be fussy with food but had no problems with the quality of the meat in these four dishes.

I really enjoyed cooking and eating the Gousto recipes provided in this box. Best of all my lovely husband cooked two of the dishes as well. He found the recipe cards easy to follow. It was nice to leave him in the kitchen to get on with it in his own time.

Potatoes, tomatoes, celery and broccoli in a bowl with text overlay that says 50 moneysaving tips that really work!

A special offer for my readers

Grab yourself *money off Gousto boxes for a whole MONTH as a new customer! 

When I received my first box I received four meals, for two people, for just £14.99! This included delivery and I got a lovely free gift in my first box too.

The quality of the boxes does not change, even if you have a discount. You can choose from the same recipes as someone choosing a full priced box. You can have four meals for two people for less than the price of a takeaway which is fantastic.

I hope that my Gousto review has been helpful to you. Please note that Gousto is a subscription box so if you are not wanting to sign up to regular boxes just ensure that you pause your subscription.

You can either postpone your subscription or you can cancel it indefinitely. This can be done online, as soon as you place your first order. I have done this myself with no problems and now just place orders for one off boxes as and when I want them.

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Shareen HD

Monday 7th of March 2016

This sounds and looks like a good option, but maybe not for a family of 4? I am just considering the cost for 4 meals and it would probably nearly cover my monthly shop (minus the bits and bobs through the month). But the recipes for this month all sound like something at least 2 out of the 4 would eat so definitely a good option for a couple maybe? x


Monday 7th of March 2016

I think it is better for 2 than 4 personally, definitely. I like the £22-£25 discount on the first box as it gives you a chance to see if it would work for you for a similar price of a takeaway or two really.


Monday 7th of March 2016

I like that the box gives you the ingredients you need to make meals, rather than a bunch of products :o)


Monday 7th of March 2016

Yeah and you get the recipe cards which are really handy too!

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