How to grab a bargain on eBay with Shiply (AD)

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AD. I’m a big fan of *buying items from eBay. In recent years I have bought collection only items for my daughter and a number of clothing job lots for her too. This has helped us to save £100s and best of all collection only items don’t seem to get much interest where I live. Which means I get a bargain – like a trike for £5! Recently I have been looking further afield to help me grab a bargain on eBay with Shiply.

How to grab a bargain on eBay with Shiply

As you can see above delivery firms will compete for your job. What that means is that Shiply put you in touch with potentially more than 100,000 service providers and they will provide you with a FREE quote. So you can bid on an item hundreds of miles away, win it for £1 or whatever ever other bargain price you find and then Shiply will help you arrange someone to collect it.

Shiply opens up a HUGE opportunity for you to purchase buy it now and collection only auction items that are located a significant distance away. You won’t have to worry about collecting the items yourself when you use couriers from Shiply. You can even look at having a car delivered!

I love that the quotes on Shiply are free to obtain and you can gauge how much an item is going to cost to be delivered BEFORE you bid or win it. There is even an option to put in the eBay item number making it even quicker to obtain a quote. I was able to put in my eBay item number, it collected the collection postcode and then I put my own postcode in and a preferred delivery timeframe. Then I added my email address and boom – quotes on their way! It took just minutes for my first quote to arrive and I was really pleased with the quote service.

Next time you see a fantastic item on eBay, collection only, that you don’t have room in your car to collect, or don’t want to drive for hours to collect, be sure to take a look at Shiply.

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  1. Angela September 13, 2017 / 2:52 pm

    Thank you for linking this Katy, I have never heard of it and it sounds like something I could get a lot of use out of, especially for garden stuff.

    • katykicker September 13, 2017 / 5:24 pm

      Yes! So great to be able to look at something, and get a quote, before you even bid on the item!

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