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Daisy’s Gift Guide – great gifts for a toddler (AD – Gifted)

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The items in this post were gifted in exchange for coverage. Our beautiful little Daisy turned 2 recently. We celebrated her day with family, and it was a lovely day. Also, Daisy had a plethora of lovely toys, some of which I’m going to share with you today. This is my guide of great gifts for a toddler. All items have been tested by Daisy for the past few weeks so you can be sure that they are sturdy, tough, hard to break, easy to clean and great fun too!

Daisy playing at the World of Dinosaurs at Paradise Wildlife Park

Snugglesac Room To Grow - great gifts for a toddler gift guide

Image credit – Room To Grow

This beautiful Snugglesac, which comes in it’s own handy bag for storage, is ideal for sleepovers and relaxing on the sofa together. You can insert a pillow into the top part, which is fantastic for added comfort, and Daisy feels really warm and snuggly when she is inside it. It has a safety zip and can be machine washed and tumble dried too. RRP £50.

Pink Star toy basket Room To Grow - great gifts for a toddler gift guide

Image credit – Room To Grow

The pink star toy basket from Room to Grow is ideal for little ones. We have placed Daisy’s toy basket inside her new castle and it is great for storing all of her soft toys. Daisy loves being able to dive into the toy basket, which is so spacious, to find her favourite soft toys. I love that I can pull the basket out with ease, which is really convenient for tidying up at the end of the day. RRP £25.

Primrose Cottage Sue Ryder - great gifts for a toddler gift guide

Image credit – Sue Ryder

The Primrose Cottage dollshouse from Sue Ryder features two beautiful floors once you open it up. The roof has a carry handle, and best of all the house closes with a magnet. This means that Daisy doesn’t get frustrated if it doesn’t close properly and it looks nice and tidy after a play session. I love that this comes with two people and five pieces of furniture, this is fantastic value. RRP £17.99.

Wow Toys Cop Cody - great gifts for a toddler gift guide

Image credit – Wow Toys

We’re already BIG fans of Wow Toys, ever since Daisy received a set of bath toys from them a few months back. Wow Toys contain no batteries, no nasty chemicals in the plastic and they are SO sturdy! Daisy loves Cop Car Cody, as the car comes with a motorised engine which is great fun! I love any toy without batteries but I have to say that Wow Toys have a particular place in our hearts now. We never seem to lose the pieces and they are really well made for lasting the duration of a few children! RRP £11.99.

Wow Toys Campervan - great gifts for a toddler gift guide

Image credit – Wow Toys

The Kitty Campervan is one of Daisy’s favourite toys EVER! This setcomes with two pieces of luggage, a dog and two people. The luggage is designed to fit in the luggage rack on the roof of the camper van, which adds to the authenticity of this toy. You can open the front of the campervan, and place one of the figures in the driving seat of the campervan. Daisy has had literaly hours of fun with this in the last few weeks and it is really well made. I love that there are pieces that fold down and this toy really encourages imaginative play. Also it is motorised, without batteries, so it zips along the floor and is great fun. RRP £26.99.

Toddler Gift Guide 2018 - Step2 Easel For Two

Image credit – Step2 UK

Daisy absolutey loves all things creative. The Step2 Easel For Two gives us plenty of room for crafts, and has an RRP of £65.00. This is really durable and helps Daisy with her fine motor skills. One side can be written on and the other side is ideal for hanging up paper for drawing or painting. It also comes with magnetic foam letters, numbers and signs and it folds down really flat too.

Fingerpainting art set - great gifts for a toddler gift guide

Image credit – Find Me A Gift

Keeping Daisy occupied throughout the days we are home can feel like a bit of a chore. Daisy has lots of wonderful toys to play with, and we do pay together, but sometimes I want to do some crafts with her. The Fingerprinting art set is absolutely fantastic and has helped me keep Daisy entertained on three rainy days already! This lovely set comes with 4 ink pads, 12 rubber stamps and 12 colouring pencils. As we always have a supply of paper at home Daisy has created me lots of masterpieces already.

My Book of Nursery Rhymes - great gifts for a toddler gift guide

Image credit – Find Me A Gift

Story-time is a big part of the bedtime routine in our home. I love being able to read stories to Daisy but I also love it if I can find something that is personalised. As Daisy is 2 now she is more aware of her name, and refers to herself as ‘Bebe’. I’m not sure if this is her saying baby or trying to pronounce Daisy but either way this Personalised Book of Nursery Rhymes is a fantastic additon to our bookshelf at home. RRP £10.99 for softback and £17.99 for hardback.

Splash About - great gifts for a toddler gift guide

Image credit – Splash About

We’ve had a lovely holiday to Centerparcs recently and Daisy loved wearing this Shark Orange Happy Nappy Wetsuit from Splash About. Daisy is REALLY interested in sharks, thanks to the Baby Shark song on YouTube, and I found that she was happy to climb into this when we went swimming everyday. She was lovely and warm to play for hours and the happy nappy system didn’t let us down! This wetsuit has UPF 50+ Sun Protection so is ideal for holidaying in all weathers. RRP £25.99.

Magformers - great gifts for a toddler gift guide

Image credit – Magformers

I’m a big fan of encouraging creative play with Daisy. I regularly let her play by herself, using her imagination, but I am also trying to teach her about shapes, colours and more. This first play 32 set from Magformers is great for tiny imaginations – and bigger ones too! This set contains 12 triangles, 18 squares and 2 trees. This set is fantastic for beginning to teach Daisy about more complex shapes and also because the pieces are so satisfying to slot together! RRP £59.99.

Hape Discovery Box - great gifts for a toddler gift guide

Image credit – Hape

What little one doesn’t love a toy like this? The *Hape Discovery Box is absolutely fantastic! It is great for counting skills, practicing colours, working on hand/eye coordination and more. This has five sides of activities including an abacus, a wire bead maze and a mirror. Daisy loves this toy. I’ve been tucking it into her play castle at night and every morning it is one of the first toys that she reaches for. Despite it’s impressive size, at around 34cm, Daisy is able to lift this onto our coffee table and look at herself in the mirror every day – very cute! RRP £32.49.

Hape London Bus - great gifts for a toddler gift guide

Image credit – Hape

This adorable *Hape London Bus is fantastic for little ones. Not only can this cute bus be dragged along by a string but it is a shape-sorter too. There are 5 different shaped passengers, that fit into the holes on the side of the bus. What I absolutely love about this, and think Daisy does too, is that this bus has shapes on both sides. This keeps it really interesting and Daisy spends a good 10 minutes at a time playing with this before wanting to try out another one of her new toys. It is really well made, feels sturdy and so far the passenger pieces have survived Daisy beating them up regularly on the coffee table. RRP £29.99.

James and the Birthday Balloon - great gifts for a toddler gift guide

Image credit – Nicola J Rowley

I received Nicola’s first book last year, *James and the Amazing Gift, and we loved it. Now we have *James and the Birthday Balloon to read regularly. This lovely books tells the tale of James and his best friend Ruby. Ruby hurts her leg, whilst chasing a balloon, and James is there with his lovely acts of kindness. I absolutely love these books, both of them, as they teach children about kindness and that is a great message! Also, if you buy this new book you’ll receive a free audio recording of the story recorded by Dr Ranj of CBeebies fame! RRP £7.99.

Nella The Princess Knight - great gifts for a toddler gift guide

We have received some lovely toys from the Nella the Princess Knight range, based on the TV show of the same name that features on Channel 5’s milkshake. We have the Style Me Princess Nella, RRP £9.99 and the Adventure Collection Knight Nella, RRP £8.99. I love that Nella is a kind and gracious princess, but is also a brave and courageous knight too. Nella loves jewellery as much as daring quests and beautiful gowns. This seems like a pretty inspirational mix for a young woman.

As you can see Daisy received a varied mix of lovely gifts this year. We also picked up some goodies in the Toys ‘R’ Us closing down sale from Peppa Pig and the Teletubbies – which Daisy was thrilled with.

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Emily Leary

Wednesday 4th of April 2018

I really miss this age - there are so many great toy options. Now mine are getting older they're so tricky to buy for! We've had stuff from Room To Grow before - it's lovely.


Tuesday 10th of April 2018

We've been really pleased with the quality x