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Free money offers (AD – Affiliate links)

I am a big fan of saving money. Being able to keep my household bills low, and save money in the process, is great to me.

I have been sharing offers and deals on my Instagram, and Instagram lovelies page, in particular for the last year or two and I’ve decided to compile this page with some of my favourite offers, websites and apps.

Some of these offers will save you money, some will earn you some, and some will just nab you a great FREE trial to see if one of the websites or apps that I recommend is for you!

Please note that most of these great offers are usually exclusive to new customers. Also, some of these offers require you to sign up to a subscription, so do set a reminder to cancel things before you are charged if you know you won’t want to proceed with a paid or higher price subscription.

Any of these offers are subject to change at any time, so always read everything carefully when clicking through one of the links.

Affiliate links in this post will be clearly marked with a * and if you click one of these links I will earn a discount or receive payment.

Virgin Media

My internet provider of choice (currently) – I’m on the 350MB package.

You can switch over to Virgin Media for television, internet and telephone services and bag yourself a bonus using my link!

*Earn up to £50 cash after your services are installed

Three Mobile

I’m a big fan of Three mobile. Great coverage at my address (check their coverage checker before signing up) and I’ve got a great unlimited phone package for just £16.38 per month, sim only.

*Earn up to £40 after your services are switched on

The contents of a Marks and Spencers / BP TooGoodToGo Magic bag

Hello Fresh – 60% off (then 25% off for 10 weeks)

While I do love meal planning, and cooking from scratch with my own ideas, there are times that I just want everything arranged for me. Meal subscription boxes, such as Hello Fresh, allow me to login, choose my meals a week in advance and then they get delivered to my door.

Ingredients for the dinners are usually quite plentiful, and apart from the odd smaller dish served with rice we find the portion sizes to be great too. Pasta dishes in particular seem to have a large volume, so ideal for portioning up a few leftovers. We have frequently ordered the box for 2 people, and shared it with our 5-year-old before now too.

My favourite recipes include the colcannon cottage pie, Mexican style beef with crispy potato top and Prince Harry’s chicken pie.

Top Tip: Cancel the following weeks deliveries by saying you’re ‘on holiday’ if you don’t want to get charged for a second box before you can cancel your subscription. The biggest discount is off the first box.

*Get £45 off your first 3 Hello Fresh boxes

Thai crispy chilli with crispy onions, beef and rice in a blue bowl. In the background is a Gousto box.

Gousto – discounted first month

This is another meal subscription box that I absolutely love. Mostly! It is probably my favourite of all the boxes I’ve tried. It runs along a similar line as Hello Fresh, where you get to choose your meals online (or they choose them for you) and then the ingredients are delivered to your door.

One thing I love about Gousto recipe boxes is that sometimes you get a freebie in the box too! We’ve had coffees, chocolates, sweets, cereal bars, protein products and more! Also, you can order a little folder where you can keep all of the recipe cards if you want to buy your own ingredients next time. This is great as they have some absolute banging recipes I would never think to try otherwise!

My favourite recipes include the nacho chilli cheese burger with crispy potatoes, creamy chicken chilaquiles and greek lamb meatball tray bake with garlic yoghurt.

Top tip: It can take a few days for your box to be processed, to then allow you to cancel your subscription. You can login and cancel the second weeks delivery right away.

I just mark that I’m on holiday, or not needing a box that week. This way you can cancel the subscription after receiving your discounted box or boxes, if you like.

*Receive a month of discounted Gousto boxes (currently 65% off your first box and 20% off for the next two months!)

Gousto review - your questions answered

Green Chef – discounted first month or FREE box!

Green Chef is a food delivery subscription service from Hello Fresh. It has the same concept and as such I’ve got a great discount code for you to make use of.

The meals offered by this company are very healthy, and they have Kept options, Vegetarian and Vegan options, alongside meat based meals, all paying close attention to the macros to help you feel fully and enjoy a tasty, healthy meal.

*Various discounts including a free box of 2 meals for 2 people

Simply Cook FREE 1st Box

If you want some new recipe ideas, without breaking the bank, then Simply Cook might be ideal for you!

The concept of Simply Cook is similar to the other recipe subscription kits, except you just receive a recipe card and herb and spice blends. You can then purchase your own ingredients, I tend to visit a discounter like Aldi or Lidl, and then you make the recipes at home.

These kits are £9.99 delivered for 4 recipes, however, this price can sometimes come down to £7.99, as they often offer this when you cancel your subscription. Also, if you refer 5 friends you’ll get a fixed price of £7.99 for life. Your friends can get a box for £1, and you’ll get one for free too – so win win!

I first tried this when there was a special offer on, and was really pleasantly surprised with the flavours. I’ve NEVER had a bad recipe from Simply Cook, nor have I ever had damaged items, items with short dates or damaged packaging.

I HAVE had these issues with both Hello Fresh and Gousto at times, although they are generous with account credits to apologise.

A hand holding a blue debit card. Text overlay reads earn cash back when you purchase gift cards with everup

*Get a FREE Simply Cook box

Mindful Chef – 25% off first 4 boxes

Mindful Chef offer a subscription meal box with a difference, all of the meals are incredibly balanced and healthy.

If you’re looking to eat better then Mindful Chef could really help you!

You can also get some other goodies delivered, such as a fruit box, and personally we’ve had some absolutely delicious meals from Mindful Chef. They also have promotions from time to time, where they team up with other companies, like when they offered Nandos meals and you got bottles of Nandos sauce too! Yum!

*Receive up to 4 discounted boxes

(currently £10 off each of your first 2 boxes)

Costa Coffee bonus for downloading the app

A screenshot from the Costa Coffee app showing a refer-a-friend code

If you’ve never had the Costa Coffee app before then you can earn us both 5 beans (8 can be exchanged for a free drink) when you download and use my invite code BORJN. You’ll just need to use the app to collect points on a Costa Coffee purchase.

I’m not someone who visits Costa a lot, as takeaway coffee is quite expensive and the queues are often long in the hospital where my local one is, but it’s nice to get sent special offers from time to time. Also, they often have promotions to win free coffee or get a discount.

*Sign up to Costa Coffee + use my PROMO code BORJN

Pizza Express Club – free starter

If you’re an avid Pizza Express fan, whether visiting the restaurant or eating their pizzas at home, you’ll love the Pizza Express Club.

This is a great app, with different reward tiers, that allows you to earn free starters, sides, desserts, drinks, pizzas and more when dining in Pizza Express restaurants.

I’m a gold member so I get a free 3 course kids meal, free soft drink, free dolcetti hot drink and dessert, free dough balls and more every single time I visit! It is well worth downloading, as you can scan Pizza Express products which contain a QR code and build up the tier you’re in.

*Use my referral code 68485H to get us both a free starter after your first visit.

Katy wears a black and spotty white t-shirt, an Apple watch and sits on her bed holding an iPhone featuring the Readly app and magazines including Gluten-free cookbook and coffee handbook

Readly membership – 2 months free

I absolutely love using Readly to read magazines. I’ve been using it on and off for the last year or two, and love it.

One thing I have noticed is that if I cancel my subscription for a couple of months then they will offer me another discounted month. If I ignore that then I receive a free month or two usually.

The main time that I use Readly is when I’m laying in bed at night and can’t sleep. I can read lifestyle based magazines, or I can read about something specific such as cookery, how to be better at photography or just about anything really. There are 1000s of magazines to choose from and new issues load in daily!

*Grab yourself a free trial

An open cardboard box

Amazon offers

If you’re an Amazon customer you’ll probably already know that they offer a LOT of services! Some of them can be tried, for free, for a one month or three month period.

You’ll need to remember to cancel any subscriptions, but you can usually do this in your account the minute after you sign up and it’ll still run until the end date of the free trial.

30-day free trial of Amazon Prime

I’ve wrote about the Amazon Prime free trial in the past, and all the benefits. You will receive access to free next day (and sometimes same day!) delivery.

Also, you’ll be able to access Amazon Prime video with more than 15,000 movies and TV shows, borrow titles to read from the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, use Amazon Prime music (with 2,000,000+ songs) and access unlimited photo storage from anywhere.

*Amazon Prime free trial

30-day free trial of Amazon Music Unlimited

If you’re just looking to listen to some songs on your morning commute, or when working from home, then give the Amazon Music Unlimited free trial a go!

*Amazon Music free trial

Audible 30-day free trial

If you’re busy, or wanting something to keep you occupied at home, perhaps while cleaning or working, then e-books might be for you!

This Audible free trial will help you work out if you actually like e-books, without spending any of your hard earned cash!

*Audible Free Trial

30-day Kindle Unlimited free trial

I love having access to Kindle Unlimited. I find that I tend to take advantage of special offers when they are offered to me. Recently I was able to get a 3 month trial for £7.99 total, which was great.

Then when I went to cancel it I was offered it again! So 6 months of Kindle Unlimited for just £15.98! It felt like a real bargain. I do try to use the library a lot but sometimes I don’t want to wait months for books to come in for me!

*Kindle Unlimited Free Trial

6 month Amazon Prime Student free trial

This is obviously only available to students, with a valid university email, but this is a GREAT free trial from Amazon! Amazon Prime Student is half the price of normal Prime too, but be sure to set a reminder to avoid being charged once the 6 months is up!

*Amazon Prime Student Free Trial

£20, £10, £10, £10 notes laid out in a fan position with text that says How I've made £3000 just for shopping online!


This is FREE money. The ultimate free money really! When you’re making purchases online, for goods or services, then look at TopCashBack to see if you can make yourself some money!

I’ve made a couple of thousand in the last few years (excluding my refer-a-friend commissions) and it really is money for nothing! Never factor cashback in when you’re making a purchase but it is a great added bonus.

Over the years I HAVE had some cashback fail to track, or be declined. £286.12 to be specific. This is for a combination of reasons including service cancellations, returns to retailers and clicking through and then using a special coupon code that was not authorised for use by TopCashBack.

I have only ever had ONE lot of cashback that did not move from pending to payable and eventually TopCashBack agreed to give me a 50% gesture of goodwill, which I thought was very kind of them.

*Sign up to TopCashBack


As with TopCashBack Quidco is another cashback website. I would suggest using both websites. They’re both free to join, and be a member of (unless you choose an upgraded subscription).

Both websites have unique special offers from time to time, such as cashback on some in store purchases, or for using a specific website such as Boots.

You can typically receive your cashback as cash, Amazon vouchers, or vouchers for a whole host of other companies too.

This is a great way to perhaps have a day out shopping once a year before Christmas, or just have some extra money in your pocket each month or year!

*Sign up to Quidco


If you’re looking for ways to earn automatic cashback then download the Cheddar app. This is a free app that allows you to earn automatic cashback at the likes of McDonalds, The Train Line, Just Eat, Toolstation and Elemis. Best of all you can just set this up and it’ll automatically run in the background.

It’s not huge amounts of money but over a month, or even a year, it really adds up!

*Use my referral code JCJXMJT when you sign up

Jam Doughnut

An app that will pay you cashback just for purchasing gift cards. Lately I have been buying £50 Sainsburys gift cards towards my food shop, and vouchers for places like Argos, Aldi and Amazon to earn myself some cashback.

Cashback can be withdrawn as cold hard cash in your bank or used towards the purchase of additional gift cards.

*Use code HHQ7 to get yourself a nice bonus of £2 on your first purchase.

Airtime Rewards – 50p-£1 for joining + additional bonus sometimes available if you earn within 7 days

Airtime Rewards is a mobile app, that allows you to add the details of your credit and debit cards.

These cards will then be monitored and any time you shop in store at selected stores; including Primark, Wilko, Greggs, Boots, The Body Shop and many more, you’ll receive cashback. New retailers are added monthly.

Once your transactions are added to your account they will initially be pending. Once they move to confirmed you only need your account to reach £10 before you can redeem your rewards.

You can redeem rewards off your pay-monthly phone bill, or as a voucher for your pay-as-you-go phone (vouchers must be redeemed within 90 days).

*Sign up to Airtime Rewards + use my PROMO code JRPYXLA7

Curve Card – Free £5 for you!

The Curve Card allows you to upload all of your MasterCard and visa cards into the Curve app. You can combine all of your cards into one smart card, with a super smart app too.

You use just one card, the Curve Card, and receive real-time notifications from all your cards. Also, what’s more, you can spend with Curve anywhere in the world, for free! You won’t pay any additional fees. (Terms and conditions apply).

You can leave your bank cards at home and carry just your Curve card with you. Also, if you lose it you can just simply lock it from the Curve app, and unlock it again when you find it!

You can even add all of your loyalty cards in one place including Costa, Coop, Boots, Caffe Nero, Nectar, Tesco and more!

*Sign up for a free Curve card

Monzo – Free £5 for you (and me!)

I’m a big fan of sinking funds, and love to assign my money to different pots. The Monzo app has both paid and free features to help you manage your money better.

I’ve got 10 different pots, to help me keep track of what all my savings goals are. I also love the digital card options, so I can have cards for each of my pots

*Sign up now and get us both a free £5 (once you make a card payment).

A screenshot of offers on the Shopmium app

Shopmium – Free Pringles

Shopmium is a cashback app that allows you to earn money back when purchasing groceries, both in store and online.

Personally I find that most of the best offers are in store, and so I will plan to visit a couple of my local supermarkets in one day to make the most of the offers.

I have had £100s of free and discounted items. I try to personally either only purchase something if it is free, OR if it is something that I usually buy.

For example if there are free items, that I won’t use, I will buy them and donate them to the food bank.

All you need to do to use the app is sign up, make a purchase and then you upload your receipt and receive a reimbursement via Paypal. It can take a few days to get the money back but it is well worth it for some of the offers that they have!

You can even check, in store, on the app that the item you’re about to purchase is the correct one.

Sign up to Shopmium – download the app on iOs or Android and use my promo code KMHMUEAV

Subway – 200 points each

New customers who sign up to the Subway app, using my promo code X-5M81N8A will get 200 points, as will I, upon making your first purchase. (A regular hot drink is 100 points, a side is 200 points – so you can get something free right away!).

A hot dog, coleslaw, chips on a plate in a restaurant

Uber Eats – £3 off your first £20 order

I have a real love hate relationship with Uber Eats. It is REALLY handy to get McDonalds delivered on the nights I just can’t be bothered to cook!

Also, what is better than a McDonalds delivery from your bed when you’re hungover?!

Watch out for service charges and delivery fees here, as sometimes these can really add up!

*Sign up to Uber Eats and use promo code eats-hb3izm

Hands typing on a MacBook searching Google for stock images

Qmee – Free 50p

Want to get paid to search the web? With Qmee you can do just that! You won’t get rich quick or anything like that but you can get a free 50p when you sign up and then you just leave the browser add on running.

From time to time you’ll make a few pennies (literally!) from a search you make, and over the year it’ll add up to a few pounds to use towards Christmas!

*Sign up to Qmee

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