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Unboxing toys from the Hatchimals Pixies range (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted these toys in exchange for coverage. My daughter Daisy absolutely loves EVERYTHING sparkly. I’m not sure how it has happened but I have somehow raised a child who is basically the opposite of me. Daisy loves opening surprise eggs and from the day she was born glitter has just followed her around. I have resisted most requests to buy surprise eggs in the supermarket but I must admit that the Hatchimals look quite sweet. Recently we were gifted some toys from the new Hatchimals Pixies range. The first one Daisy basically punched open through the packaging but the second one I can be seen unboxing in a video near the end of this post. That’s right, me. I also like unboxing toys now…!

Hatchimals Pixies unboxing

What do you receive inside the Hatchimals Pixies range?

Opening the Hatchimals Pixies range is simple, and took Daisy just a few minutes by herself. You press on the egg in a certain place, indicated by a handy picture instruction booklet. You rub the heart until it turns pink and then you can break open the egg and it leaves behind the base of the egg. This can be used to store the accessories that come inside, all 3 of them. Each Pixie has 3 accessories, and the first one that Daisy opened was ‘Glittering Gracie’ from the Glittering Garden range. Gracie comes with a cupcake, a headband, and a watering can. Daisy was in love from the moment she unpackaged everything and promptly decided that her toy was called Ziggy?!

Each of the Pixies has sparkly hair, a stylish outfit already on, a head that you can pose and even glittery wings that flutter. Daisy loves that the wings are quite stretchy and so far she hasn’t managed to break them either.

Unboxing toys from the Hatchimals Pixies range -

There are four different Hatchimals Pixies eggs in the range and inside each one you receive a mini collectible doll that is great for little ones aged 5+. Daisy is younger but I supervise her when she is playing with her toys and don’t let her take small toys to other peoples homes, or her childcare setting.

The Hatchimals Pixies range is really sweet. It’s a fairly large size and the toy comes with accessories and the bottom of the egg is easily converted into a bed area. I think it’s quite sweet that part of the egg is then something that you can continue to use.

Take a look at my Hatchimals Pixies unboxing:

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