Health and safety at work – Find out how to stay safe (AD)

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AD. When it comes to health and safety at work there are a number of ways that you can keep safe. Exercising basic common sense is one of the first things that come to mind. Health and safety at work accidents may be caused by employees who are not following the most basic of rules. One lapse in judgement can lead to a serious accident happening.

Health and safety at work - find out how to stay safe

Here are a few health and safety at work tips to help ensure you stay safe:

Be aware of risks

Try to look at your job role through the eyes of someone else. Think about all of the aspects that you cover and ensure that you are aware of any risks. Could you make use of safety clothing?

Care for your body

Be sure that you are not bending or twisting in an unhealthy manner. Knowing how to bend and lift correctly could avoid a back or neck injury.

Avoid a lunchtime drink

If you head out for lunch with colleagues ensure that you avoid the alcohol. It can be tempting to get that Friday feeling started early but ultimately it increases your chance of an accident at work.

Take a break regularly

Breaks are a great way to boost your day mentally and physically. Refuelling and refreshing yourself will boost your chance of being safe at work. Being overtired is going to increase your risk of a health and safety at work accident.

If you are looking to boost your health and safety knowledge then NEBOSH Certificate Courses are a fantastic way to do so. Courses are aimed at people who want to learn about health and safety at work. Course are broken down into two sections. The first one you will learn about the managerial issues surrounding health and safety at work. The second section helps you look at the types of hazards that might encounter. These fantastic courses come with tutor support and offer a real in-depth training.

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