Home safety for the elderly – keep your loved ones safe (AD)

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AD. My regular readers will know that I’ve got a Mum with disabilities. She has a few mobility issues and she moved to a house in our hometown when I fell pregnant with our daughter Daisy. While my Mum’s house is nice, with a good size garden, it hasn’t been very practical for her needs. Now that my Mum is getting older she needs some help getting around, including a stick. While her house has had some adaptations previously more work was needed. The last few months have involved us getting the work started to make sure her house is the best it can be for her needs. Today I’m talking to you about home safety for the elderly.

Home safety for the elderly

A new stairlift for my Mum

The first adaptation being carried out is a new stairlift for my Mum. Her stairs are steep and pretty hard to climb even if you are fit. While at present my Mum can manage the stairs, just about, a stairlift is going to make life so much easier. My Mum has to plan her trips. If she wants to take things upstairs she has to group them together to limit the trips that she needs to make.

My Mum’s stairlift is going to be from a quality brand and will come with a warranty too. A stairlift will allow my Mum to go upstairs throughout the day and not worry about timing all her trips to limit the strain on her body.

A new mobility bathroom for my Mum

My Mum’s bathroom at present is not very accessible. It has a standard bath and toilet, also, the space is quite small. This would be fine, for a able bodied person, however for my Mum it isn’t the best. My Mum has to struggle to climb in and out of the bath, which puts her under great strain. Soon my Mum is going to have a brand new wet room! Wet rooms are fantastic and we did a lot of research before we found the perfect wet room for us. Obviously one of the first things we looked at was how much does a wet room cost? The pricing for a wet room is naturally dependent on what you require. There are lots of different options available too including walk-in baths and showers, seats that fold away and even spa systems!

Now home safety for elderly people is something that is close to my heart. I don’t want my Mum to have an accident at home. We are doing all that we can to ensure that my Mum’s home is as safe as possible. A stairlift and a wet room are just some of the adaptations that my Mum’s home is having carried out. These are the two modifications that are going to make the most difference. My Mum has had poor health for a few years now and with a damaged heart valve her mobility is unlikely to ever be better than it is now. I wanted to prepare for that now by making sure her home is safe and she can continue to live there long term.

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