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How I made £15,000 in 4 months from matched betting (AD – Affiliate links)

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When I started talking about matched betting on my blog it was to share with other people a great way to make money. I had done a little matched betting but I was never one of the serious contenders on the websites that I frequent. Now I’ve started matched betting like crazy and this is how I made over £15,000 in just 4 months!

18+ only. Please visit be gamble aware and use Gamstop if you want to help stop yourself having access to gambling.

This post is from 2016 but I have recently updated it for 2022. I do still complete matched betting, and have some great matched betting earnings, but I definitely earn less now than I did then, as I have less time to commit, have been gubbed on some casino sites and also sports are quieter at the moment!

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Matched betting is a super easy way to make some money online. The matched betting service that I use is They offer a completely *free trial that allows you to make upto £40 from the initial offers.

Once you have completed this and can see how great the service is, I feel pretty confident you’ll want to sign up! Be sure to read my pros and cons of matched betting for a really honest insight into the good and bad side of matched betting.

I have personally found matched betting to be fantastic for me – especially when I hit a big win of £7,906.12 in under 10 minutes! I’ve had some fantastic luck with some of the casino/slots based offers that I have completed so far.

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Each month I set aside a small amount of my money to complete some of the risky offers, as opposed to the higher-rated offers, and this is paying off with gusto for me.

If I have a couple of risky offers where I lose some or all of my money then I will scale back on those for a few weeks and build my profit back up past where I was, and then some. This is to ensure that each and every month I am always turning a profit on offers.

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I have found matched betting to be very straightforward, so far, and I love using the text and video guides that provides on their *matched betting service. I have signed up to the service on an annual basis now, to ensure that my membership is well paid in advance. This is a great way to save a little money compared to the monthly membership and I am all for saving money.

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Anyway, for those of you who are curious here are my matched betting earnings for 4 months:

May – £1,030

June – £10,046.34

July – £1,540.52

August – £2,481.63

We’ve been really fortunate to receive this money. Having a new baby, and having time off work, is an expensive time. The matched betting money that I have accumulated has allowed us to book a few holidays, buy items for our home, save a little and generally just ensure that we do not get into debt while I take it easy with our new daughter.

Even if I was only completing the highest rated offers on site I would have made at least £500 for each of the months mentioned above. If you are a little more cautious you can still make yourself some money by the time Christmas comes around!

I’ve been really surprised at just how easy matched betting really is for me. *Why not sign up for a free trial to today and you can get earning yourself money in next to no time! Membership Prices:

Free Trial: No credit card required. Earn over £40 while learning the basics of matched betting. Complete two bookmakers bonus offers. Limited software access.

Platinum membership: £29.99 monthly. £250 annually. 100+ bookmaker offers, new free bets added daily. Full sports software access. Full forum access. 30 day money-back guarantee. No contracts. Cancel anytime.

Diamond membership: £49.99 monthly. £450 annually. All the benefits of Platinum membership plus 100+ casino bonuses and full casino software access.

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Just as a side note if you have a problem with gambling, or have had a problem in the past then matched betting likely isn’t for you. It can feel like you’re on top of an addiction issue but matched betting will usually give you access back to slots, betting on sports or playing roulette. If you’re unsure if you’ve got a gambling addiction then check out this website for more information.

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How I made £15,000 in just 4 months with matched betting

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Rebecca Smith

Wednesday 22nd of August 2018

Do you have to understand betting to be able to do well with this? I have no idea about how to place bets that win both ways or 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc!!


Wednesday 22nd of August 2018

Hiya Rebecca!

No, you don't have to, at all. There are video guides that show you the whole process, including guiding you through some of the easier betting offers, to help you get started. Also the company I reckon offers live chat, a forum and more. I think it's either a free trial or £1 for 7 days.

Hope this helps x


Friday 29th of September 2017

That's an amazing amount! I've been sticking to the straight forward sign up offers but reading this maybe I should up my game.


Thursday 8th of June 2017

Well done Martinos, that is some great work! I've actually won considerably more than this in the past year and have managed to save up a deposit for a house - which I intend to buy in 18-24 months.


Sunday 18th of December 2016

I actually mix it up! So I will do some small spins for a while and then go up a little high when I'm near the end of the wagering. Good luck!


Tuesday 20th of December 2016

Good luck - hope it works out for you!


Thursday 3rd of November 2016

That's a nice wedge! Be interesting to know, though, how much of this you actually made from actual Matched Betting, as opposed to pure gambling.

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