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How much can you make matched betting – 4 years in! (AD – Affiliate links)

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In 2016, around the time my daughter was born, I started putting more time into online income streams. Multiple ones. I upped the paid surveys, focus groups, monetising my blog and much more. On top of this, I started to dedicate more time on a weekly basis to matched betting. 18+ only. Please visit be gamble aware and use Gamstop if you want to help stop yourself having access to gambling.

I knew I never wanted to go back to working for someone else so it was time to take action and make more money. As it has been an amazing 4+ years I wanted to post the first recap for several years from me! How much can you make matched betting?

A purse featuring matched betting monies!
I love making money from matched betting!

How does matched betting work?

I feel that it is a fairly simple concept. You register with bookmakers, casinos and other gambling websites. Then you use new member offers, free bets, bonuses, account reload offers and more to make yourself money. Many of the UK’s biggest bookmakers offer frequent offers to both new and old customers.

Companies such as *Profit Accumulator offer a paid membership service that not only tells you about such offers but helps you understand the system to leverage these offers and free bets to make yourself a profit. There is only one matched betting service I use and advertise here on Katykicker. There ARE other services but in my experience, *Profit Accumulator is the best!

Profit Accumulator Prices:

Free Trial: No credit card required. Earn over £40 while learning the basics of matched betting. Complete two bookmakers bonus offers. Limited software access.

Platinum membership: £29.99 monthly. £199 annually. 100+ bookmaker offers, new free bets added daily. Full sports software access. Full forum access. 30 day money-back guarantee. No contracts. Cancel anytime.

Diamond membership: £39.99 monthly. £300 annually. All the benefits of Platinum membership plus 100+ casino bonuses and full casino software access.

During busier sports times like the Olympics, Premier League, Cheltenham and more there are extra offers to help you increase your profit. Be sure to read what I feel are the pros and cons of matched betting for a really honest insight into the good and bad side of matched betting before getting started. Also, if you’re registered with Gamstop or have gambling issues then I do not recommend matched betting.

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Can you completed matched betting if you’re registered with Gamstop?

As with any form of gambling the answer would be, and should be, no! If you’re registered with Gamstop then well done for getting a control on any gambling habits, but also, stop looking for ways to find a loophole! Accept that you should not have access to gambling, and your future self will really thank you for that! Stay strong!

Can you make a living from matched betting?

For me personally I would say that you’re probably not going to be able to make a living full time, long term, however, you can either enjoy a super big burst of money by maxing offers in a few months, or you can consistently make a few hundred a month for years, as I have.

There will ALWAYS be new bookmakers, new betting offers, new ways to make some additional income, however, it should be a supplement income in my opinion alongside other income streams.

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How much can you make matched betting?

I have personally had some really good luck alongside matched betting. I once won £7,906.12 while completing an offer. As I had read the terms and conditions of the offer beforehand I was within the rules and received my payment no problem. This was my biggest ever win, until the following year when I won quite a bit more.

I have £50,000 in premium bonds, earned from matched betting, which I will be using to buy a house. Also, I have built up an emergency fund, paid for holidays and much more.

Alongside these big wins I have been consistently earning at least £200 a month, often more during the Premier League, Cheltenham etc. I put in around 3-5 hours a week.

A hand holding an iPhone displaying the Plum finance app with pockets of money; £0 Primary Pocket, £12.56 House Appliances, £109.91 House Purchase Fees

I have a friend who puts in more hours than me and earns 2-3x more than me each month. As I’m fitting this in around working full-time on my blog and social channels, family life and hobbies I’m really happy with the money I’m making 4 years in.

The money typically pays for our monthly groceries and means I can focus on building up some areas of my online business that are not very profitable at the moment but will be longer-term.

The exact amount you can make will vary based on how much time you have and if you complete the hardest or most time-consuming offers. Also, access to a generous bankroll will make it easier to make money faster. I have no problem consistently making a few £100 each month.

A hand holding a mobile phone which displays the Airtime Rewards app and shows a £2.00 current balance and £1.34 pending from Papa Johns spending

There is a brand new service from the makers of Profit Accumulator!

*Bonus Accumulator is focused on casino deals and includes ways to unlock the profit possible from casino offers. 100s of signup and reload offers are available with an initial expected value of more than £3,600. You’ll find risk-free, low, medium and high risk offers to suit all risk levels. Note: This is a different membership service to Profit Accumulator and covers risky offers too so be aware that you may be risking your money when completing offers. Read all terms of all offers before spending money.

What about being gubbed?

I have been gubbed by a few UK gambling providers now. Since moving house I have looked for a few new accounts to open and this has helped me to boost the money I am making which is a nice benefit to having a new address.

Gubbing goes hand-in-hand with matched betting in my opinion, especially if you have less time/effort to dedicate to mug bets. I do make a conscious effort to mug bet my best casinos and lose money into the exchange too.

This seems to be holding well for me but the gambling providers I have lost haven’t made a big dent because there are so many new ones popping up each year.

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Is matched betting worth it?

For me, absolutely! I’ve made a significant amount of money in the last 4 years, especially when I was on maternity leave in 2016 and when my husband dropped his hours down a little a couple of years ago. I feel that it is going to continue being a part of my online moneymaking arsenal for years to come.

For the most part, I enjoy the offers that I complete, so it isn’t much of a chore. I find *Profit Accumulator makes it SO easy for me to complete offers. If I have a small break I’m able to dip in and out with ease. The new offers posted are always informative.

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How much can you make matched betting? I've done it for 4 years!
4 years of matched betting – how much can you make matched betting?

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Sunday 8th of March 2020

I hate being gubbed, it seems to happen so often especially the sites that give regular free bets. I follow all the rules, and do mug bets and casino gambling but still get gubbed. It seems to happen a lot if you try to withdraw some of your winnings. I had over £600 in one account and needed an extra £70 to pay a bill so I withdrew it and was gubbed the next day. :(


Tuesday 10th of March 2020

Yeah I think the same as you. I often try to lose the money into the exchange! Ahh that's such a shame!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.