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How my pet taught me to be better with money (AD)

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AD. For as long as I can remember there have been pets in my home. When I was a child we had a cat, a dog, snakes, lizards, chickens and more. If there was a pet that you could keep in your family home we probably owned it at one point. We live in the countryside so there was also lots of wildlife and regular visitors to our garden. Being surrounded by pets as a child has given me a real love for having a pet help to make a house a home. When I moved in with my husband Thomas, in 2010, we immediately decided that we would get ourselves a cat. Izzy was born the same day that we moved into our home and it felt like fate that she would come to live with us.

How my pet taught me to be better with money

When Izzy first came to live with us we didn’t have much money and weren’t particularly flush. Izzy had a little bed, a few toys and whatever food we could get for a low price in the supermarket. Then over time, things started to change. I wanted the best for Izzy. I wanted her to have a wonderful radiator bed. She wasn’t a fan of the food that we offered her and she was a little on the skinny side. We took her for her vaccinations at the vet and there it was discovered that she had a heart murmur.

When the change first happened

Suddenly things had changed for Izzy. She needed a heart scan and tests. We were told that she had a very severe heart murmur and thickening of one artery. This meant that she was likely to get tired quickly when playing and have a limited life expectancy, our vet thought she may be unlikely to live beyond 3.

Thomas and I became all the more determined that Izzy would have a good life. We had to become better with money and change our ways. We started to work more, and spend less. Izzy was treated to the latest toys, treats, the best food and a wonderful cat tower with multiple platforms for her to lounge around on. If our time with Izzy was short then we wanted her to have the best life.

Izzy is still going strong!

Fast forward to now and Izzy has been alive for 8.5 years! Yes, she has slowed her pace a lot, but she still loves playing with a Kong toy or enjoying catnip. We’ve made so many lovely memories together over the years.

When I was pregnant in 2015 with our daughter Izzy seemed to know before I did. From just a few weeks pregnant Izzy would sit on the coffee table and stare at me for hours. This was out of character for her and initially, I worried that perhaps she was becoming unwell or confused. Then over time, she would sit on the arm of the chair or even lay across my expanding bump. Izzy became more protective and even now, that Daisy is 3, she loves to sit next to me on the chair in her ‘spot’.


I can remember the inquisitive look on her face when we first brought Daisy home from the hospital in 2016. Initially, Izzy was confused, then she realised that Daisy was small and wasn’t going to hurt her and in time they became wonderful friends. I have taught Daisy that pets are to be loved and respected, so she always offers Izzy a nice ear tickle or a backstroke when our days together start.

Izzy has made me become a better person

Not only do I work hard, and strive to save lots of money, but I have become more charitable too. My personality has definitely softened through pet ownership as an adult, and since becoming a Mum of course. I love to complete random acts of kindness and I regularly donate food and pet supplies to our local food bank. Like me, Petplan Pet Insurance has a charitable side to them. The Petplan Charitable Trust has raised more than £7m for a better and healthier world for animals. I absolutely love this and companies that do lots for others in their quest to make the world a better place. Petplan offers genuine lifetime policies plus 12-month pet insurance policies to suit all needs.

I love to hear Pethood Stories from other pet owners and I’ve found the Petplan Pet Census 2018 fascinating. Over 60,000 pet owners took part, from all across the United Kingdom, to share their stories about their pets and answer questions. 50% of owners surveyed had made at least one change to their work routine to suit their pets. I understand this completely! As someone who works from home, I’m obviously around most of the time for my pets and they love it. As I write this post Izzy is nudging me as a hint that she’d like some attention.

I read on the Petplan Census that 40% of pet owners surveyed in the South East buy their pets Birthday and Christmas presents and that’s me! I’m one of the 40%. I love to treat my pets to a little something special on their Birthday or for Christmas. I typically buy them new toys, or a scratching post, rather than additional food as I like to keep them healthy.

This post is in conjunction with Petplan but all thoughts are my own.

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Wednesday 13th of March 2019

Thank you! x


Wednesday 13th of March 2019

Thank you so much! x

Emma - Life According to MrsShilts

Friday 8th of March 2019

Gosh what a lucky cat Izzy is. You sound like such a lovely owner, she's very lucky to have you x


Wednesday 13th of March 2019

Thanks so much Emma! x


Friday 8th of March 2019

I've never really thought about how pets have helped shape me. I've always had pets there growing up and I guess they taught me how to love something outside of family, compassion and kindness. Then, when I grew up and got my own cats they taught me how to care for something and look after something - preparing me for having children of my own.


Wednesday 13th of March 2019

Yeah I think they're great for helping us learn and grow aren't they! x

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