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How to find age appropriate jobs for students

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People around the world nostalgically claim that they had the best time of their lives when they were students. These claims are valid, up to a point, of course. Sometimes, being a student doesn’t necessarily mean 24/7 partying, alcohol, and fun times. Not all students have the luxury of enjoying as much. Most students need to work to be able to go through the college phase of their lives.

When it comes to jobs for students, it’s not easy to find the appropriate one because they need to study, but they also need to attend classes regularly. Therefore, it’s not always easy for them to find and maintain a job that’s well paid and satisfying, along with the pressure of studies. Students’ jobs are usually part-time jobs, but in some cases, they may become full-time jobs. There are numerous online jobs for students available, as well as the traditional ones.

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1. Go to a Recruitment Agency

If you can’t find a part-time or a full-time job while studying, one of the best ideas is finding a local recruitment agency. The agency will provide you with a particular job offers, designed solely for students. It’s a known fact that students usually can’t commit to a full 40-hour a week work schedule. Therefore, agencies have an extensive collection of job offers made for students only.

However, most agencies have jobs for students that aren’t highly paid, nor are they inspiring for young people. These jobs usually include dishwashing, a lot of envelope licking, janitorial duties, etc. However, in case you’re not too picky, and filling your belly is your only concern, you won’t mind these offers.

2. Look for a Job at Your University

Students prefer jobs available at the campus. That way, they’d be closer to the lecture theater while also being able to save a lot of time since they’d be working next to their dorm. There are plenty of part-time jobs available at university like bartending, administrative work, general maintenance, admin jobs, events, jobs, etc.

Students see these jobs as an excellent opportunity for several reasons. The most important one is the proximity of the job to their dorms, while the pay is usually not bad at all. An additional reason for taking a job at the university is to let them know of you, and you’ll have better chances and better references when looking for a job after the completion of your program. It’s advisable to apply for these jobs as quickly as possible since they disappear as soon as they’re published.

3. Find a Suitable Internship

Internships are incredibly valuable for jump-starting your career. First of all, if you’re unaware of the career path that suits your skills, internships will help resolve this matter to your benefit. Find the company and job position you think you’d be good at or what interests you the most and put your mind and skills to work.

It’s common practice for companies to pay their interns for the work they’ve done. Some companies take advantage of young interns by giving them a full-time job without pay. However, if you believe that you can work for a month or two without pay, to obtain valuable skills, knowledge, and experience, go for it!

4. Expand Your Mind (and Your Search)

Modern technology and the internet brought a vast number of potential jobs. Students may try their skills in various niches like web design, copywriting, programming, data entry, etc. Depending on the skillset and interests, college students may find both full-time and part-time opportunities. Above all, they’ll learn more about foreign employers as well.

Many online platforms connect employers with employees from all around the world. These jobs are perfect for students since they’re performed remotely. Work hours are usually flexible, which is excellent for students because they can easily organize their lectures and other daily tasks. It’s not uncommon for students to continue working for the company, even after they’ve achieved their college degree, if they deem the job is appropriate.

5. Don’t Miss Out on Career Fairs

Career fairs are an excellent opportunity for young people to expand their knowledge about companies and jobs available in the current job market. It often happens that students find incredible job vacancies during their visit to career fairs. Many companies tend to promote their business at career fairs and to meet with skilled people looking for a job.

It’s always essential to remember that these big-time companies pay for the stall so they can meet and speak to job seekers like yourself. Make sure to bring a notepad and write down all the contacts you’ve made throughout the fair, including positions, emails, names, etc. An excellent strategy is to send a follow-up email after the fair, just saying how nice it was to meet them since that may open more doors for your future career at the company.

6. Start a Business of Your Own

Either you decide to make money online, or you’re a young entrepreneur, you can make a difference for yourself. Entrepreneurship is something all young people should try at some point in their lives. Sometimes, it might sound scary to start a business without enough funds or lack the idea of what you’d be doing. You must realize that there are many ways to solve the obstacles you see in front of you. A good example is angel investors.

In case you have an idea of a startup business, but you can’t bring it to fruition because of the lack of funds, angel investors are more than happy to invest in your idea if the fundamentals and numbers add up. Finding an angel investor may seem hard, but some methods will put you on their radar. Having a partner that’ll invest in your idea while you work your way up in the market, is the dream of every young entrepreneur.

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Wrapping Up

Whether you’re a full-time student looking for a part-time gig or a graduate looking for a full-time job, there are numerous ways to find the job you want. Starting with paid or unpaid internships is good, but you can also try your luck finding employment on online platforms and work remotely. Career fairs will open many doors, and it’s essential to recognize the one offer that suits you the best. You can always look for a job at your university or over a recruitment agency. There are plenty of job opportunities for anyone willing to work.

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