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How to freeze blackberries – everything you need to know

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My regular readers will know that we have an allotment. As such we have an excess of produce at particular times of the year. I’m really good at knowing how to freeze fresh herbs, making jams and making delicious goodies. However, there aren’t always enough hours in the day! This week I harvested 700g of blackberries – in just one visit to my allotment! Obviously, I am really pleased but I didn’t have time to use them up. This is how to freeze blackberries!

How to freeze blackberries - put the blackberries in a suitable container

How to freeze blackberries

Look at your blackberries, remove any under-ripe or overripe ones. Most of mine were pushing it a little on the overripe stage but I decided to freeze them anyway. I’m a rebel I guess..! Anyway, this is how to freeze blackberries:

Can you freeze blackberries?

Yes! See below for my top tips on freezing blackberries.

How to freeze blackberries rinse the blackberries

Wash the blackberries. Drain them as well as you can without squashing them.

Remove any stems or leaves. Also, remove any really squashed blackberries. (Have them in a bowl of muesli or throw them into a smoothie)

Place the blackberries on a *cookie sheet. You could even use a *pizza tray if you use *baking tray liners on it.

Pop the tray in the freezer.

How to freeze blackberries - lay the blackberries on a cookie sheet

Remove 1-2 hours later. This will vary based on your freezer. I took mine out after 1 hour in the chest freezer. However, if I used the fast freezer drawer in my fridge freezer I’m sure it would have been around 45 minutes. SET A TIMER HERE! 

Once they are frozen you can pop them into a storage pot or freezer bag. I like to use storage pots as they are reusable and it cuts down on waste. Also, they keep items airtight and are easy to open to dispense the required amount.

Now you know how to freeze blackberries why not try some of these recipes out?

Very easy oaty blackberry & apple crumble

Apple & blackberry puffs

Vegan blackberry & apple scones

Apple & blackberry jam

Blackberry & rose geranium crumble

Blackberry crumble traybake

Lemon & blackberry drizzle cake

Blackberry & apple jelly

Also, if you want to mix it up and not bake why not dye fabrics with food! Or just use Dylon fabric dye as I do!

Sage, coriander and rosemary after being prepared for the freezer with text overlay that says how to freeze fresh herbs

If you’re a fan of baking why not try some of my other lovely recipes?

Dairy free blueberry muffins recipe

Lemon poppyseed muffins

My super simple and cheap banana bread recipe

Homemade oat biscuits – similar to Hobnobs!

Individual Flapjacks – ideal for lunchboxes and suitable for freezing too

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How to freeze blackberries and use up excess produce from your allotment. Delicious blackberry recipes, use up leftover berries
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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.