How to join Pinecone Research

I am a lover of surveys, as my regular readers will know. One of the first questions that I had when starting out was ‘How to join Pinecone Research?’. I found a link that allowed me to sign up and I have been a member for years now.

Pinecone Research surveys pay £3 each, £4 for longer standing members. I personally find that the surveys take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete, on average. The surveys often lead to product trials and the same amount of money is paid for the follow up studies. I am not allowed to talk about the specific products that I have tested but I have had LOTS. I find that I usually get at least 1 or 2 product trials per month. I have been a member for a number of years now and the surveys are nice and frequent.

On occasion Pinecone Research will send out surveys that require you to answer a few brief questions for an upcoming project. These are unpaid but they are listed as ‘household questions’. These surveys usually consist of just 2 or 3 questions, mainly asking you about products that you may use. These take about a minute to complete, on average, and I usually receive a survey off the back of these. Personally I would prefer to answer a small amount of questions to ensure that I get a targeted paid survey that I qualify for in the future.

How to join Pinecone Research

How to join Pinecone Research

You can find a link Pinecone Research. At the time of writing this article the UK link is open. This allows new people to join Pinecone Research. Membership is free and you will just need to complete a basic survey to allow you to join. I found that when I signed up that I just received my first paid survey a week or so later.

You can also visit the thread over on TheMoneyShed to help you find an invite link if the one above isn’t working.

Pinecone Research payments

The current payment for completing a survey is £3. You can cashout via a number of different methods, I go for Paypal. I let my balance build up for a month or so at a time. You can cashout each time you receive a £3 credit. The credits for surveys completed are usually processed and added to your account within 24 hours. An email is sent out when you get a credit added to your account.

Once you have solved the question of how to join Pinecone Research be sure to read my post on increasing your survey frequency. I have also wrote about survey demographics and profile surveys which should help you further. My top tips on completing surveys and my favourite websites should also help you maximise your earnings further. You can also read about my ultimate favourite survey company if you are limited on time.

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