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How to make interesting Pinterest pins (AD)

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On a daily basis I receive lots of lovely clickthroughs from Pinterest. Usually in the low 100s now. That adds up to 1,000s of clickthroughs to this blog every single month from a website that is FREE to use! So cool!

I have had a couple of virals pins in the last year and these have really helped to boost the traffic coming to my website from Pinterest. I go through stages of loving Pinterest, and hating Pinterest, depending really on how much effort I have been putting in lately. If I’m being honest with you!!

Today I want to share with you some of my own tips for making interesting Pinterest pins that people are going to hopefully click! This will help to boost your traffic and make the most of the great resource that is Pinterest.

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Before I start this post I’d love you to remember that part of the battle is having lots of Pinterest friendly content on your blog. So if you don’t have lots of content yet then start researching and write some more! You will want to either join some group boards or perhaps something like Tailwind.

Tailwind is a great scheduler which will help you have pins being consistently shared from your account every single day of the year. You can plan in advance, look out for trends and even re-schedule pins again for popular times. This is great if you have posts that are considered seasonal, such as Christmas themed content, and want to help to give them a push each year before the relevant time approaches. Best practice is to pin 2-3 months before for Christmas etc I do believe!

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Try to use your own images

I find that Pinterest pins really pop for me when I have used my own images, and not stock images. Stock images tend to be really overused, in my opinion, especially when writing in a particular niche only, such as personal finance. I have been guilty of using them in the past and the content definitely doesn’t do as well!

If you are sharing your recipes or home related content you will want to share a photograph of your own food or home! This helps to add extra authenticity to your posts and new images that have never been seen online before typically do better for search engine optimisation (SEO) purposes.

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Use descriptive words

Make sure your pin title, and descriptions, have words that will be actively going to be searched for by people in your target audience. For recipe names think about whether you use a specific kitchen gadget, such as a slow cooker.

Make sure to use keyword friendly titles etc. On your pin itself you’ll want to use descriptive words that really make your pins stand out.

Use different fonts

One of the top things that I have done to change up my own Pinterest pins, and boost my clickthroughs even with lower impressions in 2020, is to change up the fonts that I am using! You can get yourself some fantastic font freebies that will really help with this.

I find that using two fonts together has been most effective for me, and has helped me to gain more clickthroughs despite less impressions on my pins overall recently.

I feel that using two fonts really helps the pins to pop and also in general different fonts are handy for using on images to make them stand out a little more. Especially if you ARE a fan of using stock images!

Add specific details to your pins

When I am creating a pin for a recipe if it is something that is fast then I will mention that this can be made in under 15 minutes, for example. If the recipe needs just a few ingredients, like 3 or 4 then I will write a separate sentence about this in a different font that stands out a little. This can be a real selling point for people to click through pins.

When a recipe is super frugal, such as my tortillas then I’ll mention the price (20p per batch!) as this seems to get generate more clickthroughs too for me.

Use Pinterest for some inspiration

Before you create your pins take a look at Pinterest to find some of the fonts, images and ideas that other people are using. You don’t want to copy others of course but just get yourself a little bit of inspiration.

This can really help you plan out your own photographs, and styling, help to give you some ideas on what the most popular pins have going on (they’ll appear near the top of your search usually) and help you to make better choices about which part of your photographs to use in your pins.

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Things to remember when using fonts:

Ensure that your pins are still accessible. Use titles that are great for screen readers. Use capital letters at the beginning of each word on any hashtags that you use. Make sure to use fonts that are simple for people to read, especially anyone who may have sight issues or be using a screen reader.

Personally I try to avoid fonts that are overly squiggly or curly, as I know from my husband that people with Dyslexia can sometimes struggle to read when faced with some of these type of fonts.

Create images with free fonts

Once you’ve found a font that you like, or multiple fonts, check that they work well together by uploading the fonts in Canva. Canva is a free website (and app) that allows you to use templates to create Pinterest images, YouTube thumbnails and MUCH more.

You can create just about any printable in Canva and while they have a premium package they have a great range of items that you can use for free in your designs too. I love that you can add your own fonts, as this is a great way of offering something a little more unique to your Pinterest pins.

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Friday 28th of August 2020

Great post - I definitely agree about using different fonts and interesting images :)


Tuesday 8th of September 2020

Thank you! x

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