How to smash affiliate marketing as a UK blogger review + discount code (AD)

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AD. It is fair to say that I am a ‘proper’ blogger, whatever that even means. I make money in a variety of ways related to my blog and I’m really happy with the income that I make. However, you can always have more money – right?! That was my thinking when I decided to try the *affiliate marketing course from Emma Drew. Today I want to share with you my thoughts on the course, how I was able to smash affiliate marketing and make myself more money too.

I’m already making a really nice income from affiliate marketing but I know that Emma is making £5,000+ per month, just from affiliate marketing. This is absolutely fantastic and I am always looking for ways to increase my income, especially if that income is passive!

What will you learn on the how to smash affiliate marketing course?

There is a fantastic amount of information featured in this group and some of the sections I found most useful covered how to disclose affiliate links, where to find new affiliate programmes to join, how to join networks, how to best serve my audience, how to generate more clicks and the various ways to advertise affiliate links. There are many more sections though, with everything from beginner right up to the expert use of affiliate links.

What did I learn on the how to smash affiliate marketing course?

As I already said I’m quite at home with using affiliate marketing links and using them to make money. However, it is fair to say that I picked up some tips from this course and that has helped me make even more money! Before I share what I found most useful here are some screenshots to show my improved affiliate income:

How to smash affiliate marketing as a UK blogger review - Boosted affiliates

This first screenshot, showing a 189% change in one month versus the next, is from an affiliate network that I use regularly to help me earn quite a few £100 per month. As you can see I experienced a steady stream of extra income, and then it went back down again. This is because I implemented some tips and then stopped again, to see if I could show the difference for this post.

How to smash affiliate marketing as a UK blogger review - Improved commissions

This screenshot shows a few days over one network that I use. As you can see I always get a steady stream of clicks/sign-ups, but now I have been able to increase the number of clicks (in blue) that I received. This means that long-term I will earn more commission from these people, as this is an affiliate with a long-term cookie to track it.

How to smash affiliate marketing as a UK blogger review - Improved clicks

This shows the number of clicks that I had on another affiliate network in just one month. This was up by around 1,000 on the previous month, and 1,500 on the same period one year ago.

In just one month I have seen a substantial enough boost to my affiliate marketing networks to help me feel confident that the tips I implemented from the course have been well worth the time spent.

For me personally, these are the things that I found most useful about this course:

  • There are videos AND text guides. This is ideal as I’m someone who loves to read, but if you’re someone who enjoys a video then you have those available too. Also, the videos aren’t just Emma reading out the text, instead she adds a personal spin to the videos and offers her own insights.
  • Emma talks about why disclosure is so important. Some bloggers are unaware of the legal requirements of disclosure, or feel it isn’t important as they are a ‘small fish’. Disclosure IS a legal requirement and it is important to ensure that you’re using best practices too.
  • There was help available for wording disclosure policies and adding notices to your blog.
  • Emma provides her own insight and knowledge about affiliate marketing. Emma talks about what makes a difference to clickthroughs, information related to ad blockers and how they can affect affiliate marketing widgets etc.
  • There is a great workbook to use alongside this course that is included in the price. This is great to help you when working on posts and ensuring that you’re maximising your affiliate marketing opportunities, and thus your chance to make more income.

Fancy learning how to smash affiliate marketing as a UK blogger?

I’ve got an exclusive discount for my readers today. *Click this link to find out more about the course and enter code KATYKICKER to save yourself an extra £5 when you buy the course! As well as receiving the course, with text and video guides, and access to the affiliate marketing workbook you’ll also be able to join one of Emma Drew’s exclusive Facebook groups for people completing the course.

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(AD) How to smash affiliate marketing as a UK Blogger. Find out more about how I'm making affiliate income, passive income and monetising my blog

I received the how to smash affiliate marketing as a UK blogger course for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I genuinely have found the course really useful!

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  1. Tuppenny May 5, 2018 / 10:53 pm

    Thanks so much for this detailed review. I’ve not monetized my blog yet but when I do I know I’m going to need help as never been self employed or in a sale environment before. I have already bookmarked Emma’s course for future use. Perfect as it focuses on UK bloggers.

    • katykicker May 8, 2018 / 7:21 pm

      You’re so welcome. I’m sure you’ll find the course really useful.

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