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AD. Recently we have been fortunate enough to be gifted with a Hush mattress. I’m going to share with you not only what we think of the Hush mattress, so far, but why I felt we needed a new bed anyway. As a parent a bed is SO important. Particularly as there is never enough hours in the day to lay in it! A Hush mattress comes in a teeny tiny box and then it opens out into a delightful comfortable mattress. If you don’t want to read my tangent just skip to the end for a little video of the unpacking in action! 

Hush mattress - A look at the packaging

Why we needed a new bed – and a lovely Hush mattress

Back in 2015, January I think, I was moaning to my Mum about how poor quality our bed was. We had bought it back when money was tight and we didn’t know much about beds. My lovely Mum offered to buy us a decent bed. Much research was done and we went with a 1200 pocket spring mattress, with a divan base with drawers. This storage suited us and the bed itself seemed great, initially. It was £1200, or something obscene, and then it was reduced down to £600 in the sale. I researched and it seemed that it was a genuine price reduction, rather than a sale. Anyway, by July 2015 I was pregnant and started to suffer from a bad back. I assumed that it was because of my pregnancy.

Fast forward to Marc 2016 and Daisy was born. My back was STILL sore. I assumed that it was because of the spinal block when I had my c-section. After six more months I finally went to my Doctor to complain about my bad back. An x-ray was carried out and there was no obvious damage, so I was referred to a physio. I was told that I had a weakness on my left side, possibly from where I had two strokes a number of years ago. Anyway, I completed a physiotherapy course of several months, including gym sessions. Still my back hurt! 

After less than one week sleeping on our Hush mattress my back has almost completely stopped hurting. I’m not waking in agony in the morning now, or during the night. My back pain hasn’t been cured completely, as I’ve still got a weakness, but my bed is no longer putting further strain on my back. Hooray!

A couple of weeks ago now we got our lovely Hush mattress delivered. As we had decided to go for a kingsize we needed a new divan base. We picked one up from Dreams. A bit on the pricey side but worth it for the storage and to help us sleep well.

Now the first thing about the Hush mattress that you should know it is one of those mattresses. You know the ones. They are everywhere at the moment! I keep seeing them advertised on the tube, in bus shelters, on Facebook and on the television. They come in a small cardboard box. So small that you could just store it in your hallway for several days, like I did.

Hush mattress - A look at the mattress as we unpacked it

The Hush mattress, once you open the box, will basically start to unroll itself. You’ll hear the sound of air being sucked in to the mattress (at least I think it is that?) and it begins to fill out really fast. It expands out to your desired size and this is what it looked like when we undone the box:

Hush mattress - A look at the mattress as it was unrolling itself

This is the Hush mattress after 1 minute.

Hush mattress - A look at the mattress 5 minutes after unwrapping it

This is the Hush mattress after 5 minutes.

Hush mattress - A look at the mattress once it was on the divan base

Now this is the Hush mattress after a couple of hours. As you can see it is almost ready to go.

The mattress is quite amazing really. I couldn’t believe that this mattress came from such a small (but tall) box and was good to go in just a few hours!

What makes the Hush mattress so special is the layers that make it up. You can find out more about the Hush mattress on the Hush website Hush website. Basically there are various layers, of fibre insulator, support foam, memory foam and much more. The top layer is a Hush branded layer that is a soft knit fabric to give a soft and comfortable sleeping surface. Also, it is designed to keep you cool. It seems to be doing that so far. Our home is SUPER warm, even in April, and it is 22C-23C at night at the moment. The best feature of this mattress is that it contains full size pocket springs, like you would find in a traditional mattress. These are 18cm, not the paltry 2cm that some mattresses offer!

Can you leave the Hush mattress in the box?

Well officially you should open it as soon as you receive it. The box says this too. In nicer words. However, life doesn’t always work like that… The box was secured with strapping to ensure that it stayed close. And it did. For almost a week. This is because I had forgotten how long it takes to get a divan base delivered, particularly if you live on the 3rd floor and have no lift! Nevermind. Got myself some nice cashback on my divan base so it was worth the wait!

So yes. It CAN be left in the box, but it really shouldn’t. I did have a fear that we would come home one day and it would have burst open and blocked the hall off so we couldn’t get in. I even started to walk past it in a specific manner to see if the box got bigger. It did seem to expand, a little, but only a couple of inches at most. I think considering how fast the Hush mattress opened once it was set free that this is pretty good!

Was it fun opening the Hush mattress?

Yep. Pretty fun! We love tech and anything cool in our home. The Hush mattress didn’t disappoint. When we opened it the noise that it made was satisfying. It definitely felt like something was happening. Once we had let it unroll itself we removed the final layer of packaging to find it was upside down. Whoops. We had to turn it over and then we could see the nice Hush branding. This was a good touch and gives it quite a luxurious feel.

How convenient is the Hush mattress?

Super convenient! We were given a 2 hour slot so you could take this in before or after work and then leave it until the following day to set it up. If you didn’t want to wait you could just crack it open right away and a couple of hours later it will be ready to sleep in! Simple as that really.

Is the Hush mattress a gimmick?

Well if it is then it is a bloody comfortable one! I think I’ve been having the best sleep of my life this week. Despite being ill. On one of the nights since the Hush mattress has arrived, and been set up, I’ve had to wear a blood pressure monitor. This means that every hour, on the hour, my blood pressure cuff would inflate and I would get woken up. Thanks to my super comfortable new bed I was able to get back to sleep for another 50 minutes before the next rude awakening!

How good is the Hush mattress really?

I thought our old bed was quite comfortable really, and I never thought it was giving me back ache. However, now we’ve got the new base, and the Hush mattress, I know we’ve never owned a bed as comfortable as this. First impressions really count with a bed, so while I can’t comment on the longevity, yet, we have been sleeping great. Daisy has lots of room to join us in the bed for morning cuddles too and I love how thick and high the bed is now.

My poorly face on our new Hush mattress

I’m ill in this photo but the Hush mattress is so comfortable I don’t even care!

If I’m being super picky, and I think I should be, as hopefully someone might want to buy one after reading this, my only gripe is:

Once opened it was upside down. I’m not sure if this was us being idiots or it was packaged like that. This was a tiny bit annoying. If it was us being idiots it maybe needs to be marked more obviously.

Apart from that I’ve really got nothing negative to say! The packaging was strong, it was simple to open, even if there were THREE layers of plastic, and best of all it was pretty fun! Seeing your mattress unroll, and be ready, in such a short time, was pretty fun! In fact you can see a little glimpse of the process in my video:

I asked my husband what he thought of the Hush mattress. He said ‘Love it. Brilliant’. He then went back to talking about videos on his iPhone. So I guess he likes it. 

Our new kingsize bed has been complimented with this *deep sleep Silentnight duvet and *stag bedding. It seems that about 10 of you already own this, so it must be nice!

The particular mattress that we received, the kingsize, retails for £595.00.

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(AD) Find out what we thought of our Hush Mattress. Learn more about this mattress that comes ROLLED IN A BOX!

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