I’m a tenant and these are my top 5 #RentingRules

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My husband and I have been renting our home since 2010. We are housing association tenants, which supposedly means we get ‘significantly cheaper rent’. This is a lie. We pay around £100 less than private tenants would pay to live in this same flat in our nice area of Harlow. Anyway, as we have been tenants for a number of years now it is fair to say that we are good tenants. We’ve never had any complaints made against us, that we know of, and we have never been late with our rent. Today I want to share with you my top 5 #RentingRules to help you be a good tenant.


This was our flat in 2010, it looks VERY different now!

Pay your rent on time

Don’t postpone paying your rent for any reason other than lack of money. What I mean is don’t think you’ll pay it a week late because you fancy going on holiday or you haven’t budgeted properly. Paying your rent, or mortgage, and council tax, should always be the FIRST things that you pay. Paying your rent should come before every other bill as if you don’t pay your rent you may be evicted. If you are going to be late, perhaps because your workplace haven’t paid you on time, then speak to your landlord and keep them informed.

I'm a tenant and these are my top 5 #RentingRules

Take care of the property like it is your own

My husband and I treat this flat as if it is our own. It IS our home after all. This means we don’t damage walls or doors, if we break something we repair it etc. Take care of the property you are renting like it is your own and you can’t go far wrong. Anyway, who wants to live in a mess just because they rent it and not own it?! Not me! This is the tip that I am submitting to be included in the upcoming #RentingRules homelet.co.uk ebook. I can’t wait to read it!

Don’t be afraid to decorate, and put up pictures (providing you are allowed) but leave it nice when you move out. Fix the walls back up when removing pictures and touch up paintwork too.

Report repairs promptly

Often repairs are costly but the longer you leave things the worse they can be. For example when the pipe underneath our bath broke free we reported it the same day. We then avoided using the bath until our landlord was able to send out a plumber to fix the problem. This meant that the pipe could be replaced and there was no lasting damage to the concrete floor underneath the bath. If we had left this then the repair could have been significantly more costly.

Be in for inspections

If your landlord wants to inspect your home, or arrange a gas inspection, then make sure you are home. If you are busy then ring to arrange a mutually convenient day. Having a gas inspection is important, and your landlord may want to check that you are keeping your home in good condition. Often your landlord isn’t coming to check that you have cleaned, or you don’t have piles of clothes lying around, but instead they are wanting to protect their own investment.

Clean regularly

This is a simple one really but clean regularly. This will help you to see any repairs that may need reporting. Also, if you have any issues with mould or damp you can get on top of those before they ruin your own furnishings or belongings.

I can’t wait to read the #RentingRules eb0ok and I’ll be sure to share it with you once it is live.

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