It is only money and it grows on trees – Review

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Recently the lovely Cara MacMillan, MBA, got in touch. Cara asked me if I wanted to review her new book ‘It is only money and it grows on trees!’. Naturally, being a lover of money I was interested!

I have reviewed, and read, a few money backs in my time. Mostly on Amazon. The bulk of these contain a huge amount of jargon and I cannot help but think that these will be confusing. A lot of people will be reading money books because they are lacking knowledge and want to increase their information on any given subject. I know that is why I read such books anyway.

It is only money and it grows on trees

This book has been an absolute pleasure to read. I was planning on reading it when I was on holiday but in just a few child free evenings I’ve been able to zoom through. I’ve been really happy with the quality of this book. I feel that each section was broken down, and manageable.

While I feel like I am a money veteran, in some areas at least, I learned from this book. I love, in particular, the idea of the different jars. These cover things such as saving and living expenses but also there is a jar for rewarding myself and another one for giving back. I help charities in a few ways, so love this idea. In particular I loved some of the suggestions in this book about ways to help that were different to the normal standard cash donation.

Another part of this book that I absolutely love is that 10% of revenues go directly to charity. The organisation Development and Peace benefit from this book being purchased. I love that people can increase their knowledge, and hopefully become better with money, while helping others too.

I love the classroom basis for this book and feel that it definitely helps it be broken down into manageable chunks. I’m so pleased that there is a workbook section near the end too.

Since reading this book I feel that my money management, and aims, have been renewed. I’m ready for another great year now!

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