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The joy of printed memories (AD)

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Family memories are something that is really important to us. I’ve got an awful memory, so being able to look back, and see photographs to remind me of great times is fantastic.

I find that looking at photographs really helps prompt my mind and lets me vividly recall things that wouldn’t come to mind otherwise. As well as keeping photographs and videos on our phones we love to also share favourite moments with visitors to our homes.

We have a few areas of our home where we have canvases and artwork, and then we have a few areas where we love to display photo prints and show off memories with our friends and family.

One of the things that I love about this photo wall, which is in our hallway, is just how cheap it was to fill the wall, and how easy it is to change up the prints regularly too!

I bought the photo frames, quite a few years ago now, from Poundland, and so they cost just £16! I damaged one recently and was able to source two replacement frames, delivered, for around £5! I’ve spent about £10 on command strips, to avoid having to drill the wall, and then it just costs me a few pounds every time I want to update some of the photos.

This time, when changing up the photos I just printed out 8 new ones, some to add Aurora into our family prints and some to show our daughter Daisy as she’s 5 now and the photos we had displayed were from when she was 2 or younger.

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For just a few minutes work I was able to order new prints, wait for them to be delivered and then change the old ones out in the frame.

I really feel that regularly changing the prints within the frames brings some new life to the hallway, and I love looking back at memories from various times over the last few years, or even just the last few months, and reminiscing over fun days out that we’ve had.

This time I have added in some photographs that were taken during the 2021 Summer Holidays. It is really nice to look back at some of the adventures that we enjoyed after Aurora was born and before Thomas went back to work from his paternity leave.

I feel really fortunate that we have enjoyed this time together, and it is lovely to be reminded of those memories each time I’m heading out for the day with my girls, or waving Thomas off when he heads out for a 12 hour shift.

Now that the colder nights are drawing in, and with us spending lots of time at home at the moment, I feel like bringing a little bit of a change to our home environment, for cheap, is a great way to brighten our spirits, keep us happy and also make our home welcoming to guests too.

A wall full of lovely photos, a nice candle and a plant or two have really helped to brighten up our hallway and make the space more welcoming.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.