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*Gifthulk is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) website that allows you to complete surveys, tasks, offers and more.

If you attempt to complete surveys each day you will receive *GiftHulk coins and there is a bonus awarded each day for earning a specific amount of coins on the website.

There are numerous offer walls, where you can complete free trials, competitions, special offers and game signups to earn coins.

The main feature that I use on this site is the ‘Guess the card’ feature. Each day you get given cards, various amounts depending on your lifetime coins earned (and thus your membership level). You can choose to guess the card, guess the suit or guess the number. If you guess correctly you will win coins. You can also find a joker for 100 coins and find a code to be entered in the ‘Fountain of Youth’ for points. There are also boosts that can be earned to allow you to earn percentage bonuses on coins that you accumulate during a set period of time.

I tend to visit *GiftHulk once per day, for a few minutes, and I usually check for surveys, as disqualifications earn you 20 coins, up to a maximum of 3 per day, then I will use my guess the card uses for the day and then enter any Fountain of Youth codes that I find.

Personally I use 5,000 coins for £3 codes. I tend to save up for little gifts throughout the year. I’ve been able to cash out 1 or 2 times a month. I’ve been making sure to visit late night, before I go to bed, to check for surveys. I usually find surveys there I have already done elsewhere which means I can bag a quick 60 coins in just a few clicks/seconds. The guess the cards usually yield me at least 50 coins a day, often more. I also get FOY codes from a thread on and from friends also.

I don’t put a lot of effort, or time, into this site. For the odd gift voucher it isn’t bad and takes me probably around 1-2 minutes a day to do. Also I tend to have another website open at the same time on the opposite side of my screen.

This is a real slow burner for me. I’ve been able to save up around £50 on my Amazon account towards Christmas. That is just from this website, for around 5-10 minutes per week.

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