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GlobalTestMarket is a survey company that I love to use regularly. They are one of the most prolific survey websites for me. This is my GlobalTestMarket review where you can find out how much I make & how you can join for free.

GlobalTestMarket - paid surveys

They have a wide variety of surveys on offer and they usually send me several emails per day. These emails do sometimes result in survey disqualifications. I’m only completing surveys a couple of times a week. I save all of my surveys in an email folder and then visit them altogether. I find that this helps me weed out the lower paying ones. Also, I can ensure that I maximise my time earning money.

Earn money with GlobalTestMarket

GlobalTestMarket *surveys pay in points. These points convert into pounds with the minimum redemption being 1000 points or more. I personally redeem 1087 points for £30 via Paypal with £30 in Amazon costing around 40 points less. At this rate this means that 181 points = around £5. I find that I can cashout every 7-10 days with the amount of surveys that they send to me and these are always the first ones I try for the day when logging into my email. Sometimes I cashout more, sometimes less.

Surveys fill up quite quickly with GlobalTestMarket and it is always worth *checking the website. The survey numbers on the site no longer show the amount of points but I have got around this by installing the GTM mobile app, which shows all of the points. This site also links to other surveys at the end if you complete a survey or are disqualified. Rewards take up to 10 working days to arrive and in recent months it has been over 10 working days sometimes, around 11-12.

It all adds up with GlobalTestMarket

It is fair to say that this is quite a significant survey company for me over the year and the monthly, at least, injections of £30 in my Paypal account are a great incentive to keep going with them. I have had a vast array of product trials, focus groups and online diaries now which are all well paid too. You can *sign up for free now!

How else can you make money online?

Besides GlobalTestMarket there are a whole host of ways that I like to make money online. Check out this big list I created for more ideas.

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You could make money with GlobalTestMarket surveys. I make £30 - £90 a month which is a nice cash boost!

4 Responses

  1. David Hurley December 8, 2017 / 9:57 am

    Hi KatyKicker,

    I think GTM may have substantially increased their redemption threshold as for me £5 PayPal redemption is 575 points leading to 3450 for a £30 redemption?

    Are you aware of the increase, or maybe it’s just for new people that sign up?

  2. katykicker December 8, 2017 / 7:36 pm

    Hi David, yes the redemption levels have changed now. This post hasn’t been updated since the start of 2017 so is due a bit of an update!

    I’ll try and make time later this month, thanks for letting me know.

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