MyVoice is something of a slow burner, with low paying surveys, and here is my MyVoice review – read it before ruling them out!

The payment for the surveys can seem quite low, with 1 point equalling 1 pence, and surveys ranging from 10 points to 250 points, however do not be put off by this as the surveys are super quick. When you are invited to a survey it states the payment and an average indication of the amount of questions that you can expect. On top of this you will also be told if there is a payment for being disqualified, which there usually is. As their surveys are mainly specifically targeted based on smaller paying surveys you have done you will find yourself rarely getting disqualified (hopefully).

I find that the lower paying surveys, usually ranging from 10 to 40 points can be completed in 1 minute or less, while still paying attention to the surveys and the questions. They are usually just a few questions.

This is a slow burner for me with me earning a £20 voucher 6 times a year, however I probably only spend a couple of minutes per week on their surveys and they are usually on interesting subjects too. I have never had a survey fail to credit and I like that they reward you even if you are disqualified (usually). Their emails read like they are written by real humans and they are genuine in their information about the upcoming survey too.

Edited to add – 19.10.2014 – I have been noticing more and more surveys lately and now I appear to be on some sort of ‘regular repliers’ list which means that I have been sent surveys recently to test out, with better payment too, so it is definitely worth sticking it out with MyVoice, who always pay promptly too.

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