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Anyone who regularly takes surveys, via Clixsense or other companies, will know that SSi surveys are available via a wide variety of companies, this is my OpinionWorld review.

Opinionworld offers SSi surveys and pays out instantly via Amazon or Paypal. Amazon redemptions can be made from just £3 and Paypal from just £10. Paypal payments usually arrive instantly and Amazon may take 5-10 minutes to arrive.

I personally cash out at least once a week here, usually for Paypal, and I’ve had a wide variety of product trials from here too, with the bonus money for these usually being credited within just 7 days.

Earn money with OpinionWorld

My top tip would be to visit the site once or twice per day, preferably morning and evening, as surveys are loaded throughout the day and it isn’t unusual to get 5 surveys in a row here, with surveys varying in price from 50 points (1 point = 1p) upwards. I’ve personally had surveys and product trials worth up to £50 from OpinionWorld. They are a firm favourite for me.

Be sure not to open more than one survey at a time from them, or more than one invitation from email, as this is a breach of their terms & conditions, also update your profile surveys regularly and choose how frequently you wish to receive email invitations. I personally receive email invitations at least daily usually. As I like the reminder this is great. It is rare for me to be disqualified here if I keep my profiles up to date. 

I have had a problem, on two occasions, where I have been banned from the websites. This was for accidental terms of service breaches. It is fair to say that their customer service are polite, friendly and helpful. As the two occasions were for different violations I was allowed back into the panel. I did not lose my earnings. Their computer system is advance and will be aware if you breach a rule, even unintentionally.

Be sure to check out my posts on how to avoid survey disqualifications and why you should complete profile surveys. If you’re looking to make some extra money online then be sure to check out my post of great ways to make and save money.

OpinionWorld for UK and OpinionWorld for USA/Other countries.

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