Superpoints is a new site to me, but I know it was around before and closed leaving some members without their payments. Here is my Superpoints review.

As I personally redeem at the lowest level possible on most of my sites I have no worries about spending a little bit of time to see if I can make some Amazon vouchers.

The superpoints day runs from 8:00am – 7:59am the following day (GMT). The superpoints website can be used from a mobile. Members on the basic level cannot redeem for vouchers but it only takes a small amount of work (including confirming email and answering a basic demographic survey) to reach the level where you can cashout.

The higher your level the lower the amount of points you need to redeem. Here are some examples:

Tier 1

£1 amazon = 3,000 points
£5 amazon = 15,300 points

Tier 3 – Unlock at XP Level 5
£10 amazon = 24,954 points

Tier 5: Unlock at XP Level 10
£10 amazon = 23,000 points

There is a superlucky button that you can click a limited amount of times per day, depending on your level, and this can win you some points, as well as the other people in your referral network. There is also karma, although as of yet all I know is that you click some links and open emails and receive some karma. I presume this is a luck of the draw kind of points reward.

They have surveys and offer walls on offer, from well known companies such as TrialPay, Peanut Labs, Revenue Universe and more.

There are different levels on the website, achieved by earning more points. These are basic, bronze, silver, gold, platinum (paid upgrade) and diamond. All levels from bronze upwards allow you to redeem and the higher the level the more superlucky spins you receive per day, from 10 up to 200.

As of yet I have just joined myself, and do not have a huge amount more information to offer, however they appear to work similar to Swagbucks and other ‘Get Paid To’ companies whereby you can watch videos, complete surveys and paid offers for points. You can then redeem these points for Amazon vouchers, which is their only reward at the moment. I will update when I make my first successful cashout. I anticipate that this will be a slow one for me, but I have a couple of minutes a day I can spare to press the superlucky button and look for surveys not available elsewhere.

Edited to add – As of the 19.10.2014 I have had my first payment from them and I am well on my way to my next Amazon voucher too, so this is another one that is going on the ‘to keep’ pile for me I’m sure.

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