TopCashBack review

I have made over £1,100 now via TopCashBack with another £75.00 to come in the coming weeks and here is my TopCashBack review.

I have personally earned cashback on a vast array of purchases from companies including Next, Amazon, Dabs, eBuyer, LV, More Than, Tesco Groceries, Tesco Direct, Dominoes, Just-Eat, Pizza Hut, Sky, BT, GoDaddy, Halfords Autocentres, BlackCircles, Very and TheTrainLine. There are literally 100s of merchants just waiting to award you cashback via TopCashBack for purchases that you would have made anyway. There are even exclusive discounts and voucher codes available via TopCashBack too for many sites.

TopCashBack review

Payment proof!

TopCashBack is free to join and you get awarded 100% of their cashback. Payouts are available via Tesco Clubcard Points, Paypal, BACS, Amazon and more. What’s more their members made over £25,000,000 in 2013 alone!

What I think of TopCashBack – my TopCashBack review

Cashback websites provide a good way to earn money back for purchases that you were already going to make. My top tip with cashback websites, regardless of which ones they are, would be never to rely on the cashback. Also never factor the cashback in when purchasing an item. For example if you are looking at car insurance policies and the difference between two companies is just pennies then obviously try and go for the company with the best cashback. If the difference is pounds then pick the cheapest company, as cashback is never guaranteed.

I personally have only had 5 or 6 instances where cashback has not tracked. After up to six months of waiting past the advised time, I have received the cashback. TCB have fantastic customer service and if you have their premium membership package, which costs £5 a month. This is deducted from your earnings. Then you get super fast replies from customer services and an enhanced rate of cashback. As of yet I have never had an item fail to pay out. I have had to wait many months on occasion.

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