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Get paid to test websites and mobile apps with WhatUsersDo

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I’m known online for being someone who loves to diversify her income. I make money in a variety of manners. These include completing paid surveys, undertaking mystery shopping and using affiliate marketing on this blog. Another great way that I make money is by completing website testing with WhatUsersDo. *Anyone can join for free and start making money.

Get paid to test websites online with WhatUsersDo and provide your feedback. £5 per test for under 10 minutes work.

WhatUsersDo allow their members to test online or interactive content. For example websites. As long as you speak English comfortably you can *sign up as a tester. The amount of tests can vary and I’ve had just 1 some months and 8-10 other months. There doesn’t seem to be specific busy times throughout the year, from what I can tell.

To be a WhatUsersDo tester you will need a broadband connection, a computer and a web browser. It really is that easy. You don’t need to have the latest computer and over the years I’ve used a whole host to complete the tests. I’ve never had an issue, besides having to update my browser.

Tests used to pay £8 – £15, however, this has changed to £5 now. This is still a reasonable price for the length of work required. I find that the work averages 10-15 minutes, at most. Sometimes even less. Payments are made around the 25th of the month for the previous months work. For example, work completed in December is paid on the 25th of January. 

How easy is the work with WhatUsersDo?

The tests are usually ridiculously straight forward. You will have to allow a screen recorder, which will record what is on your screen. Also you will use your microphone to record your spoken thoughts. You will work through a set of instructions. These usually tell you something specific to look for on a website. You will then record your spoken thoughts while using the website. They will usually ask you for your opinion and any thoughts you have about how to make a website run better or be more effective.

This is a great website. Most of the tests I complete take 5-8 minutes. Occasionally more. They also have the chance for regular testers to use their iPhone or iPad to complete tasks. These pay £5 too now.

I personally enjoy the tests that WhatUsersDo send out. It is nice to be asked my opinion on the websites for a wide variety of brands. The tests vary too. They never feel dull or monotonous. It is a great remuneration amount for what is essentially just 10 minutes work, often even less than that.

Why not *sign up as a tester now? Also, if you’re looking for great ways to make money online check out my HUGE LIST of ways to make and save money.

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Get paid to test websites online thanks to WhatUsersDo and provide your feedback. Make money - £5 per test for under 10 minutes work.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.