WhatUsersDo test online or interactive content, such as websites, for clients. As long as you speak English comfortably you can sign up as a tester. The amount of tests can vary and I’ve had just 1 some months and 8-10 other months.

You will need a broadband connection, a computer (PC, Netbook or Mac) with IE7 and above, FireFox 2 and above, Safari 3 and above or Google Chrome (PC version only).

The price for tests is usually either £8 or £15. Payments made on the 25th of the month, via Paypal, for the previous month. For example anything earned in December would be paid on the 25th of January.

The tests are usually ridiculously straight forward. You will have to allow a screen recorder, which will record what is on your screen and also will use your microphone to record your spoken thoughts until the test is over. You will work through a set of instructions, usually telling you something specific to look at on a website or something to search for. You will then record your spoken thoughts while using the website and they will usually ask you for your opinion and any thoughts you have about how to make a website run better or be more effective.

This is a great website, most of the tests take 5-8 minutes, occasionally more, and they also have the chance for regular testers to use their iPhone or iPad to complete tasks also, usually for £15 each.

I personally really enjoy the tests that WhatUsersDo send out and it is nice to be asked my opinion on the websites for a wide variety of brands. The tests vary too, so they never feel dull or monotonous and it is a great remuneration amount for what is essentially just 10 minutes work, often even less than that.

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