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YouGov is one of the most well known survey companies, in my opinion. Their surveys regularly feature in a variety of newspapers and on topical panel shows on the TV also. I quick like knowing that I’ve taken part in these surveys!

I receive £50 3 or 4 times per year so it is a slow burner but definitely worthwhile as they do genuinely payout. I’m typically receiving 3-5 surveys per week. The surveys are short and very simple to complete. They usually ask a few questions at the end, with regards to upcoming surveys. This is to save you filling out numerous unpaid surveys and profile surveys over and over again.

YouGov surveys

Surveys depend on demographics and they have a LOT of political surveys, which I personally find very interesting. Obviously not everyone enjoys talking about politics but there are lots of other surveys on YouGov too. *Why not join now? 

The beginning few questions tend to be a little repetitive when starting the surveys but it is very rare to be disqualified from these.

It is worth completing the free prize draw surveys that they offer as these appear to feed data into their system with regards to further upcoming studies. They ask a variety of questions but are generally super fast. I always get more surveys after I complete these ones. Usually relating to the questions that were asked.

I’m really pleased with YouGov. I have been using it for several years now. The amount of money that I have made in this time is great. Those £50 payments really do add up. I find the surveys short and sweet, easy to complete and I really enjoy them too. I’m quite a fan of politics so having somewhere I can give my opinion is great.

How long does a Yougov cashout take to arrive?

At present, I find that, on average, a cashout takes about 22-24 days to arrive. My cashouts always arrive within the quoted time now and have done for several years. I actually wrote an entire post dedicated to YouGov cashouts before!

I have found that a YouGov Paypal cashout is the quickest to arrive, however, in 2019 I’ve seen this change and bank transfers have been arriving in around 10 days.

How to get more surveys on YouGov?

Make sure that all of your on-site information is accurate, and up to date. Fill in any profile surveys that they have and make sure you check your emails frequently, to avoid missing out.

Looking to complete some other online surveys for money?

I have a whole range of ways that I make and save money online. I try and keep this updated with new sites as I find them so be sure to bookmark it!

Be sure to check out my posts on how to avoid survey disqualifications and why you should complete profile surveys.

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  1. janet October 19, 2014 / 4:39 pm

    Thanks Katy, got a link from your blog, and just banked a £50.00 payout, i merely just pop into the site every now and again and complete online surveys and am so pleased to bank the results. Cheers, very informative website. Thankyou for the link.

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