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Keeping children happy on holiday (AD)

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AD. We’ve just returned from another week at Centerparcs. We never really get tired of visiting but as Daisy grows we are always looking for new ways to keep her happy on holiday. Keeping children happy on holiday might seem like an easy task before you head off. It isn’t unreasonable to assume that your children will be happy on holiday, what with undivided attention, swimming, activities and much more, however, you’ll probably be wrong! Anyway, these are my preferred ways of keeping Daisy happy on holiday!

Keeping children happy on holiday - Daisy using her backpack reins

Take favourite toys

On our recent holiday, we took a *Talking Po, Teletubbies Book, *Fisher Price Telephone and *Wow Toys Bath Toys & Figures. This was sufficient to keep Daisy happy while we in our lodge. These are some of her favourite toys and it was great to see her using her imagination more. For example, Po was able to enjoy breakfast with Daisy each morning. The figurines from her *Wow Toys Boats were able to go inside the Teletubbies book and the *Fisher Price Telephone was used to call the relatives that weren’t on holiday with us. We also bought Daisy a new toy while on holiday!

Keeping children happy on holiday - Daisy holding a new toy

Pack a tablet

I’m not against screen-time. Recently Daisy had become demanding with her tablet, so on holiday, we did restrict it a lot more than normal. However, when we were in the lodge for the evening Daisy was able to enjoy a little bit of tablet time. Daisy has the *Kids Kindle Fire HD Tablet, the one that is almost indestructible. This is ideal as it means she can drop it on the floor, or throw it in a strop, and it’ll withstand her attitude!

Keep the bag filled with snacks

Keeping Daisy happy on holiday mostly tied in with her hunger this time. As Daisy has now had wheat restricted from her diet, among all of her other known allergens from her FPIES, she has not been bloated. This has been ideal as it means that Daisy has been feeling hungry and eating more. This has led to better sleep and no sickness – which has been a fantastic week for us. I don’t think there has EVER been a holiday before where Daisy hasn’t vomited so this was fantastic. So stress-free for us and Daisy seemed the happiest ever on this holiday. We kept on hand Quinoa crisps, Nakd bars, Raisins, bananas, pouches and more. While on the move Daisy was able to enjoy snacks in her pram to keep her happy.

Keeping children happy on holiday - Daisy in her pram

Take a mode of transport

For Daisy, we are still packing her Joie stroller at the moment. However, I spotted her eyeing up kids scooters and I think in under a year she’ll have one for herself! Backpack reins have been a Godsend for us in the last six months as Daisy wants to explore more on foot. Depending on the age of your little one consider skates, a scooter, a small bike or perhaps a trike. In the past, we have taken a *kid’s trike away with us which Daisy absolutely loved! Also, it was super fun to fit an action camera to the front of it and film this:

Give your undivided attention

For us, we find that Daisy loves having our attention on holiday. Being able to give her undivided attention in the day means that we can relax ourselves in the evening safe in the knowledge that we’ve made some fantastic family memories.

Daisy playing on the swing on holiday
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