Keeping our family memories with TimeSpring (AD)

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AD. Family memories are something that is really important to us. I’ve got an awful memory, so being able to look back, and see photographs to remind me of great times is fantastic. I find that looking at photographs really helps prompt my mind and lets me vividly recall things that wouldn’t come to mind otherwise. As well as keeping photographs and videos we love to also share those with other members of our family. Today I want to talk to you about TimeSpring, a FREE app, that helps you share memories with your loved ones, and also keep track of Birthdays and upcoming events.

TimeSpring app dashboard

How TimeSpring works is you can download the app, on iOs or Android, for free. Then you can sign up, using your Facebook account for ease, and begin your TimeSpring journey. Once you’ve downloaded the app you can add your favourite friends and family members. I’ve added Daisy, both Grandparents, my husband Thomas and my good friend Lyndsey. This means that I can quickly share memories and photographs with my friends and family.

The main feature that I’m loving TimeSpring for is being able to share memories of my days out with Daisy. Whether we are taking a trip to the park, celebrating a milestone or enjoying a family holiday I can create updates on the app that will last forever. Also, when Daisy has time with her Daddy, while I’m working, we’re able to both share updates. It’s so simple to share memories with multiple accounts and create updates with ease.


TimeSpring is also great with regards to being organised. You can schedule messages in advance. This means that I can set up messages to send to people, for Birthdays or for Christmas, months in advance. I can organise messages in November for Christmas when I’m writing out my Christmas cards. Also, knowing that I won’t forget to send someone a great message for their Birthday, on time, early in the day, is fantastic. I’ve already set up a couple of upcoming family Birthday messages for the end of the year.

TimeSpring App - Scheduling a message

Scheduling a message is REALLY simple. First, you go into the app, click the little pad and pencil icon and that’s it – you can get your message scheduled. Select the person you want to send the message to, give it a subject and then you can add an image or video. I have a little video of Daisy singing Happy Birthday so I can schedule messages to everyone on my wheel (video messages on the paid plans either $0.99 a video or $29.99 for unlimited messages for a year) and then their Birthdays are covered for the next year. This is so straightforward, and it took just 2 minutes to schedule 3 messages. It is completely free to send messages and photo messages to people, with no subscription required.

Overall I’ve been finding the TimeSpring app really simple to use. Anything that is free is great for me and it is so simple to use that I’ve already set my Mum up an account too. This will allow her to share memories with me when she has Daisy visiting for the day too. Mum hasn’t struggled with learning how to use the app and the addition of Facebook login makes it even more simple, and safe. I’m so happy that Daisy will be able to look back in time for years to come and see what we were doing, or what I was thinking at any given time or milestone in her life. It’s such a wonderful gift to be able to let Daisy know exactly how great a time we had together as she was growing up.

I won’t have to worry about forgetting to send a picture or video message for Birthdays now, and I can schedule them at a time that is convenient for me.

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