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Towards the end of the year last year I was given the chance to send off some of Daisy’s old clothes and have them turned into a keepsake for her. I love the idea of creating keepsakes from old clothing. We had received a baby memory blanket before and been a real fan of it. My daughter Daisy sleeps under her blanket quite frequently and I love reminiscing over her tiny clothes. I chose a handful of old vests/sleepsuits and then I sent them off to Jessica from Babygrow Bunny Keepsakes to turn them in to a keepsake. Creating Keepsakes from old clothing is a wonderful idea and a great way to remember your tiny baby without cluttering up your life.

The process was super simple for me. All I had to do was send Jessica the clothing and then wait. Jessica had a baby after I sent her the clothing, which I knew about in advance. This meant that I waited a few months for my Babygrow Bunny to arrive. When it came it was well packaged and it was sent ‘signed for’ so Royal Mail brought it to my door safely. I had no issues with delivery and Jessica had sent me a photograph of the bunny beforehand so I knew what to expect before it arrived.

Here is a look at the finished Babygrow Bunny:

A look at one of Daisy's keepsakes from old clothing - a bunny from Babygrow Bunny Keepsakes on Facebook

A look at one of Daisy's keepsakes from old clothing - a bunny from Babygrow Bunny Keepsakes

It has cute personalisation on the front, in the form of a ‘D’ which symbolises my daughter’s name, Daisy. This is a really unique bunny and it is a novel way to remember my tiny 5lb 13oz girl.

If you want to get keepsakes from old clothing then be sure to visit Jessica on Facebook. Jessica deals with her customers via Facebook and can answer any queries that you may have. As well as making keepsakes from old clothing, in the form of these bunnies, Jessica also makes cushions too.

Please note that due to the fabrics used these are keepsakes and not toys. These are not CE marked and are designed solely as a keepsake. 

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