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Get yourself organised with my #kickerlist

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People regularly tell me that I’m really motivated, organised or efficient. I am, at times, but I also have times where I need to get myself motivated. Staying motivated working from home is important to me and I’ve written a few posts in the past on this topic, which you can find near the end of this post, but today I want to talk to you about my #kickerlist initiative.

A notebook and pen ready for my #KickerList

What is a #kickerlist?

A #kickerlist is basically a to-do list of your own creation. You can decide on the length of it. Some days I write HUGE lists, as I know I will be working hard, all day. Other days I focus on the most important 3 or 5 items for the day ahead.

This is usually on a day when I am stuck home with Daisy, and we are going to be focusing on just keeping home clean, having fun and staying alive! You can choose a #kickerlist that suits your life.


How to create your own #kickerlist

At the moment lots of people are tagging me over on Instagram. If you’re at home and want to make your own #kickerlist then you can use a pen & paper or even a note on your phone. Then share it on your Instagram stories, using #kickerlist and tag me in @katykicker. I love reading what everyone is getting up to and sometimes I find inspiration for my own #kickerlist by seeing what others are doing.

A Homesense mug that says 'I've totally got this' on it in script and text overlay that says how do I get everything done?

Share your own #kickerlist over on Instagram

Come and join in and share your #kickerlist. Lots of people are taking part with everyone from self-employed queens to stay-at-home parents taking part. You don’t have to share huge lists, and can write a list of your own creation.

My top tips for creating your own #kickerlist (AD)

  • Think about the most important jobs for the day ahead
  • Prioritise one job at the top of your list that you’re going to start with
  • List a few ‘quick wins’ – little jobs that you will complete in no time for some motivation
  • Think of one job that is going to make your day, week or month easier
  • Make sure you complete one job for yourself – a little self-care is always good!
  • Share your list to make yourself more accountable
  • Update your list throughout the day
A look in my organised pantry showing food & baking ingredients and text overlay that says organising the kitchen.

I’m finding it really useful to share my daily #kickerlist on Instagram. I’m more likely to complete jobs and finish my whole list. I am completing lists in full more often and feeling good. Feeling good is really important for me, mentally, as it helps me to stay on top form when working hard. One way that you can keep your mental health in check is by speaking to a therapist from BetterHelp.

I hope you’ll join me over on Instagram, or even on Twitter! All you need to do is upload a photo of your #kickerlist and then use the hashtag and take me. I’m Katykicker on both Instagram and Twitter so it should be pretty easy to join in! If you tag me on Instagram make sure you click on my photograph and it underlines the name so I receive a notification in my inbox. I’ll then send you a supportive message or some encouragement!

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Fan of a paper list? Why not make your #kickerlist on one of these:

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Get yourself organised for 2019 with the #kickerlist from Katykicker. #organisation #organise #planner #planning #katykicker

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Family Travel Pro

Wednesday 14th of August 2019

What a super idea. !


Wednesday 14th of August 2019

Thank you!

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