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Getting Daisy ready for autumn with Kimi Dog (AD)

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AD. Now we move house we’ve had the perfect opportunity to cull Daisy’s clothing in size 3-4 and start dressing her in some of her new 4-5 year clothing. We’ve been received some lovely clothing from a wholesale children’s clothing website – Kimi Dog. With our new house move, it took a few weeks for Daisy to get around to wearing everything but she was so excited to have new clothes to try on! We used the move as an opportunity to have a nice de-clutter and to make sure that everything we brought into our new house was something that we actually wanted. It has been great to have lots of fresh, new and colourful clothing waiting for Daisy when we get ready for the day each month.

Kimi Dog specialises in offering children’s wholesale clothing. They offer a range of traditional and non-traditional styles of clothing. For Daisy I typically prefer a relaxed, dressed down look, day to day, but seeing Daisy in some of the more traditional styles that Kimi Dog offer has really changed my mind. Also, our parents have loved seeing Daisy in her outfits – she looks absolutely adorable I’m sure you’d agree.

This button-up dress has a lovely tartan pattern to it and is simple to fit. Daisy isn’t a fan of having tight clothing over her head, much like myself, and this dress was perfect to fit on her. I love the puffy detailing of the sleeves and around the waist, and the pleats help this dress to hang really nicely. Daisy is particularly enamoured with the crown detailing on the club style collar.

Daisy feels really comfortable wearing this dress, and it was her favourite from all of the pieces that we have from Kimi Dog. This washes up well and Daisy loves having a little twirl in it too whenever she wears it.

The next item that Daisy has been loving is this gorgeous navy, red and white top. It has puffy sleeves, which are an ideal length for this Autumnal weather we have recently. The buttons make this a comfortable fit and means I can get Daisy dressed quickly in the mornings too. I personally love the collar on this. It really pops with the red and white against the blue and I have to say this was my favourite piece.

The back of the collar is absolutely adorable. It has red hearts and it makes me think of the Queen of Hearts! Daisy loves this part of her top and spends ages trying to look in the mirror to see if the hearts are still on the back – as if they might suddenly fall off?! 

Overall I’ve been really impressed with the quality of these pieces from Kimidog. They have a range of styles, some more alternative than others, and we have been really pleased with the pieces we received. Daisy seems happy in all of the clothes and they wash up really well too. I love the bright colours of the pieces we have and I’ve had lots of compliments when Daisy has been wearing them too.

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Genevieve Cornish

Monday 21st of October 2019

Oh my, what a beautiful young lady! I truly enjoyed the fashion show! Thanks so much for sharing.


Tuesday 22nd of October 2019

Thanks lovely x

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