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Learning the Ropes of the Dubai Real Estate Market: Facts and Figures (AD)

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Investing without proper knowledge and background insight is like cooking without a recipe, an investor is like a chef; he/she first understands the market and knows what makes it ticks, and then like a cook, he/she can begin to apply the delicate ingredients of the need to create delightful investments that allow them make profit from it. If you desire to be a successful investor, you must go to the school of observation, be obedient to knowledge and be creative with trends. It is not just enough to track and buy apartments in completed projects in Dubai; neither is it by acquiring properties in key locations in the city; it is about applying strategic knowledge, facts and figures to profitable use.

How to Invest and Make a Profit in Dubai

What have you heard about Dubai? That it is a land flowing with milk and honey where every investment yields many folds? That is only partly true; yes, it is a land flowing with milk and honey, but how much you will make and the volume of honey you will gather is a function of your business model, the things you do or do not do. Those things will distinguish you from other investors, and they can multiply or scuffle growth. 

So, what are the practical ways to invest, and what should you look out for in the market?

Practical Measures that Help You Profit from the Dubai Real Estate Market

Profit-making in Dubai Real Estate is not rocket science. It is a function of strategic, correct and calculated investment from the point of venturing (starting) the business, up to maturity. You must take the proper steps in nurturing and grooming your business. The number one thing every investor must do is to survey and know the market, learn its highs and lows, and master its productivity metrics. These are three fundamental steps and stages that you should take your business through if you want to see positive results. Read on for further breakdown.

Market Survey and Feasibility Analysis

The first step of any business is to conduct a market survey and feasibility analysis. That’s a fancy grammar for saying you know where you are going and what the company is like there. In this case, the target location is Dubai, and the target industry is real estate. Therefore, you need to carry out an official mapping of the market. You may start by identifying the nature of properties in the terrain, their flaws and good sides. Then you must find ways to do your business differently to by-cut those grey areas because that will give you a competitive edge. After your survey, you can decide what type of property to invest in, locations and the kind of investment to do.

Learn the High Points and the Low points over the years

The second step would be studying the past trends to get the highs and lows. Markets rise and fall; even when it increases consistently, everything has a pattern. Discovering those patterns will guide your investment and prevent you from investing at the wrong time of the year. They can also reveal the profitability of the same sector you are considering and the tricks of the business.

Analyse the productivity metrics

Now that you know the business and the patterns, it is time to convert that knowledge into strategic business decisions and take steps to institute and pursue your business.


Although these points seem big and complex, if you read this article up to this point, or any other article on Emirates.Estate, you will agree that they are relatively simple in practice. The summarised version of what you must do is this – look before you leap, and know what you are diving into. The deficit of knowledge and foresight may lead to devastating losses, while the available can lead to tremendous success and profit. So, first, know the intricate facts and then learn how to apply them.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.