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LifePoints (MySurvey & GlobalTestMarket have merged)

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I’m quite slow getting around to writing this post, so my regular readers may already be aware of the change! MySurvey & GlobalTestMarket have closed/merged and become LifePoints. Accounts are supposed to have been moved over properly, but some, including my own, don’t seem to have been merged correctly! Hence the delay in this post. Still, I’m going to write a quick post about LifePoints for anyone who may be looking for a new survey website to sign up to. Also, if you’re looking to make some money then check out my ways to make and save money online. If you want to skip reading this post then just *sign up to Lifepoints!

Make extra money with Lifepoints

I’m going to start by saying you won’t get rich with LifePoints, and I don’t really use it much myself, however, if you have lots of free time to complete surveys then it may be worth a join! This is a VERY slow burner, and I’m sure at least some of the surveys are available elsewhere for more money.

What are the cashout options with LifePoints?

There are a variety of cashout options including Paypal, Amazon and Marks&Spencer. You can also raise a little money for charities such as Unicef, which is a nice touch. The minimum cashout is £3 via Starbucks Gift Card. *Sign up to Lifepoints

What can you earn with LifePoints?

You earn LifePoints for completing surveys. You can join the LifePoints Panel and start to receive survey invites. I found that when I first joined there was nothing showing, but after a day or so there were surveys available to complete. You can either log in to the LifePoints website to complete surveys or wait until you receive an email invitation.

I would say that most surveys seem to be paying 30-50p, so this isn’t going to get you rich quick. However, the cashout threshold is quite low so this might be a nice one to top up your Amazon vouchers for Christmas time. You can *sign up to Lifepoints and get earning now!

As always make sure you keep your survey demographics up to date to earn the most money from paid surveys and decrease your chance of being screened out halfway through.

Make sure when you sign up that you confirm your email and you will have a few points in your account to get you started. *Sign up to Lifepoints.

How else can you make money online?

Be sure to check out my top 5 survey websites and my favourite ways to make and save money online. You’re not going to make your fortune using LifePoints but if like me you’re already online then a few survey sites are a great way to save for Christmas.

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Monday 17th of June 2019

Being honest I'm not sure if it is any good tbh!

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