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Likes & Loves January 2020

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Hello! I hope January is being kind to you so far. We’ve spent a lot of our month just decorating at home. We have been recovering from the flu. Also, just having our new home to enjoy together has been great. I think I skipped this post last month, as I was so unwell, so I’ve got quite a bit to share with you! Items that were gifted to me for a possible mention within this feature will be clearly marked with a #. Advertorials are clearly marked with AD. 

Recipe: Slow cooker roast beef

The browned slow cooker roast beef joint before cooking

A nice roast is always a winner in our home at this time of year. This slow cooker pot roast recipe is fantastic. Just throw in a load of veggies, herbs, seasoning, stock and your joint of beef and away you go!

Shows I’ve been loving on Netflix this month

My likes and loves - Netflix

Netflix: The Terminal

I forgot just how much I love this film. It was perfectly easy viewing for a rainy afternoon at my desk. Sometimes you can’t beat re-watching an old classic.

Netflix: The Crown

We are deep into the second season now and having been loving it so far. Thomas and I sit down most evenings, while we watch dinner, and get through another 0.5 – 1 episode. It’s really interesting and I think the acting is fantastic too, especially the actress who plays Margaret.

Netflix: You (Season 2)

I felt this took me a little more time to get into than the first season but I still found it really interesting. Pretty sure I binged this in 1-2 days! It was over so fast.

Netflix: Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez

I’m trying to branch out with my tastes a little more and so this was VERY different from my usual Netflix shows I enjoy. I found it really interesting, and sad, but enjoyable all the same.

Product: *Eufy Robot Vacuum

Our Eufy robot vacuum – needs to run around himself by the looks of it!

This was an absolute bargain. I had been watching it for a while, at around £189.99 – £199.99 and had decided to begin saving Amazon vouchers from surveys and the like. When it had a £64.00 voucher I decided to snap it up and I don’t regret it, at all! I’ve been letting it vacuum the downstairs of my home 1-2 times a day and it has saved me lots of time clearing up mess. We have lino downstairs, but it also cleans the carpet upstairs (medium pile) surprisingly well too!


Having my own desk!

We moved back in September – October time and decided that one of the downstairs rooms would be perfect as office space for me. This isn’t the only purpose of the room but just having somewhere to work, with a desk, has been fantastic.

I’m really pleased with the neutral colour of the blinds – as they go with anything!

AD. My desk is from Ikea, and it has a pull-out section which is ideal for shooting my photography on when I have products to advertise or want to take a well-lit photograph. I’m really enjoying the workspace – even more so now that my new blinds from Make My Blinds are up! It’s so nice to have somewhere to switch on and off from work, rather than thinking about it all of the time. When I worked from the sofa I found myself taking fewer breaks but also being less productive.

AD. The exact blinds that I have are the Kerry Pearl River Roller Blind and I’m REALLY pleased with them. It was super simple to order the two vastly different sized blinds I wanted and to choose where I wanted the controls to go. As you can see I’ve opted for the controls to be near each other, to make it easy to open and close the blinds each day when I’m working.

The blinds arrived in just a few working days, and while I had a small issue with damage on the first order (the couriers fault!) this was promptly rectified and I’m so pleased with the blinds. The colour is lovely and neutral, so perfect as a backdrop for photographs, or just to work in a room with any colour scheme.

I love being able to work from a dedicated space. Mentally it has really improved my thoughts over my work/life balance, and I have been taking more breaks too. Plus, it is nice to have somewhere to dump my notebooks and all my scribbles and not think about them again until my next work time!

Product: *The Working Woman’s Handbook

I ordered a used copy of this book from Amazon after a blogging friend recommended it in a Facebook group I’m in. I didn’t get lots from it, but the takeaway tips that I did pick up have been useful. If you’re a freelancer, working on boosting income and want to ‘check-in’ with yourself about your goals then this will be great for you.


Product: *Made to measure hall runner


I’m including this as so many people have asked me about this over on my Instagram! We are obviously in the process of re-decorating our entire house, after moving, and I’m at the stage where I’m ordering a few items to make it more homely. This runner, a made to measure size, is fantastic for our hall. It stops dirt from tracking around the house and means we don’t need a doormat – which is great as they kept getting ruined in the washing machine!

Product: *Cover for Dry:Soon heated airer

In the past, I have shared my top tips on drying clothes in a flat. Now we live in a house, and it is Wintertime, I’ve been using my *Dry:Soon heated airer lots. Recently I bought a cover for it and it has helped the drying time be even quicker. I’m really pleased that I can dry 2 loads of washing in a day or so. It’s a Godsend at this time of year when everything is damp and we can’t utilise our garden yet.


Simply Cook boxes!

I’m really enjoy these recipe kits! You can buy them in-store in Asda too!

Recently I ordered myself a Simply Cook box. You choose 4 meals and then Simply Cook send you out a letterbox sized box (ideal if you’re not home every day!) with 3 spice, herb & stock blends plus a recipe card for each recipe. You just need to buy your fresh ingredients and then they’ll instruct you how to make a delicious meal.

Personally I feel these are a nice area between meal planning from scratch and using something like Hello Fresh or Gousto (which I also love!). We have had some absolutely delicious meals recently, with the chicken makhani being my favourite so far!

Using my link for just £1 you can get 4 of these little kits to liven up mealtimes and get some mealtime inspiration. I’ve got a couple of boxes now so that next time I want to cook something a bit different I’ve got the inspiration already on hand! If you want to grab a box for £1 just *sign up to Simply CookThis is a subscription service so be sure to cancel if you don’t want it to renew at £9.99 – I just set myself a reminder for a few days before the next box needed to be selected.


Been loving a bit of Xbox downtime!

I’ve been having some absolutely brilliant evenings on Fortnite recently! Playing Xbox with my niece and nephew, plus a few online friends has been fantastic.

Having more downtime to rest and relax is doing me the world of good. I often play in the evening, when Tom is at work or when Tom is playing the Xbox himself.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.