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Likes & Loves June 2020

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The year is half over. I really hope by Christmas life feels a little more ‘normal’, even if it is a new normal for us! I’m not a huge fan of Summer, but this year we have a nice garden, a house to keep us a little cooler than our flat did, and a nice BBQ too! As always I’m sharing the products that I have been loving for the past month, so here are my likes and loves June 2020! Items that were gifted to me for a possible mention within this feature will be clearly marked with a #. Advertorials are clearly marked with AD. 

Recipe: Air fryer chicken wings

Four cooked air fryer chicken wings in the air fryer basket
Crispy, delicious chicken wings

These are a real delicious treat, as a nice alternative to a takeaway, and they are super frugal too. You can serve these with just about any sauce you like, this brown sugar BBQ sauce works well, and they take much less time than cooking chicken wings in the oven, or waiting for a delivery! I have lots more air fryer recipes, but also have had to put a hold on new recipe testing while I wait for a new air fryer as mine stopped working!

HayU: Keeping Up With The Kardashians

My likes and loves - Netflix

I’ve been looking for something light to enjoy when I’m working hard, but want something that isn’t too distracting or intense. This show has been perfect for me! I’ve started watching it from season 10, and there are parts I skip, as they’re just not so enjoyable, but it’s been nice to have playing in the background while I cook or clean, and I’m already 2 seasons in!

I have used some Tesco Clubcard vouchers to get NowTV credit, which has allowed me to watch HayU for free!

Hello Fresh! (*Grab £20 off your first box)

Likes and Loves April 2020
I’ve worked with Hello Fresh in the past but these boxes I’m paying for myself and I don’t have a current work arrangement with Hello Fresh.

The quality seems to have improved this month. I was going to cancel my box, but am now going to just get it every few weeks instead. It’s nice to have days off of planning dinner, and it is so simple for Thomas to cook dinner too using these recipe cards.

My new Macbook

Daisy playing on my MacBook
Daisy loves playing on my computer!

As you can see from the above photo my MacBook was a little scratched, but that alone wasn’t the reason I replaced it. After almost 5 years I had noticed that it was wearing, and then the keys started to stick. I did use compressed air, but unfortunately it was still an ongoing issue, and it was going to cost £100s to repair it. So I decided to use a 10% Apple discount that my friend gave to me and get myself a new MacBook, a 2020 model. I just went for a lower capacity one, as it’s just for writing, editing photos etc, and I don’t do anything too technical, or store much data on my device, preferring to use the cloud/external hard drives.

New books for Daisy

Four books: Julian Is A Mermaid, Whoever You Are, More More More Said The Baby, Baby Goes To Market

I came to the realisation recently that Daisy doesn’t have a diverse array of books in her bookshelf. I placed an Amazon order, and while I’m still waiting for some items to arrive these are some of the ones that Daisy herself has been loving. The books are just forming the basis for us to have more conversations related to Black Lives Matter, being more diverse, being inclusive to all people etc. The books are *Julian Is A Mermaid, *Whoever You Are, *More, More, More, Said The Baby and *Baby Goes To Market. If anyone purchases one of these books I’ll be sure to donate all of the affiliate commission to a Black Lives Matter related charity.

Our garden

A black 2 burner gas barbecue from Wayfair and a plate of cooked food including corn, halloumi and yellow pepper

(AD – The BBQ I show was gifted to me for a different advert) I’m pretty sure I mention this really regularly, but each month, as we spend more and more time in the garden, and more money, it is really starting to come together. We are now working on growing new grass, on all of the areas that have been dug up, and we have been able to enjoy our new BBQ too.

Nasturtiums that I grew in my garden

One day recently, while Daisy was at school, Thomas and I had a lovely BBQ lunch. I kept it light with just some lovely veggies, halloumi and I cooked a mushroom rice dish too but it was lovely. The perfect first BBQ in our garden, and I’m looking forward to family being able to come over later in the year. I grew these nasturtiums from seed and they’re one of my first ever flowers I’ve grown, so I feel really proud! Surveys

A screenshot of a payment from Prolific, via Paypal, for £100.05

I’ve spoke about the survey website so much over on my Instagram in recent years, but I just love it. The pay is better than just about any survey website I’ve tried, they have frequent surveys and they design the website so that you won’t experience survey disqualifications too. It is typically £5+ per hour for studies, which is great, and I just had a lovely cashout, as you can, after around 6 weeks of surveys. I could definitely have made more money, but I just leave the website open a few hours a few days a week as I’m online working.

My heated blanket

A heated blanket from Pifco with the display switched on to full heat

This might be slightly ridiculous to say, in this warm weather, but I absolutely adore my *Pifco heated blanket. It is such a godsend. At night I’m often cold, and even lie in bed with my teeth chattering sometimes, and this really helps me. It is so convenient to turn this on, as I cleanse and prepare for bed, and it really does help me to feel so much better.


Cerave cleanser being held against a beige wall

I purchased this *Cerave foaming cleanser after seeing it in TikTok videos frequently. It was a bargain compared to the usual cleanser I use and it has made such a difference to my skincare. I get so many messages from people on Instagram saying my skin looks great, and being really complimentary, and while it is partly foundation (some days) it is also having a better skincare routine and making more time for myself!

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Pictures of items I like & love: Me with a face mask on holding a camera, Netflix on a mobile phone with coffee & biscuits, Nasturtiums I grew from seed
Daisy pushing her black trolley loaded with play doh, colouring pictures, pens, jars and pom poms!
Living Arrows 24/52 - Here comes the art trolley!
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Thursday 18th of June 2020

My favourite bit is the BBQ. It's nice when the weather is good. It puts me in the mood for summer and more outdoor living. Nice to see your June loves too.


Thursday 18th of June 2020

It's so nice isn't it! Thanks for having a read, and I appreciate your comment. I hope you are both keeping well x