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Likes & Loves March 2020

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Wow, what a month it has been! Last month I was just finishing decorating the kitchen and had been visiting my Mum in hospital and now we are in lockdown because of Coronavirus! Wow….! Anyway, I’m trying to keep some normality in life here… As best we can! Items that were gifted to me for a possible mention within this feature will be clearly marked with a #. Advertorials are clearly marked with AD. 

Recipe: Airfryer hash browns

Airfryer hash browns

These crispy yet fluffy hash browns are delicious! They are simple, super frugal and delicious too either as a side to your dinner or to accompany a nice big breakfast.

Shows I’ve been loving on Netflix this month

My likes and loves - Netflix
I love a bit of Netflix!

Netflix: Love Is Blind

I’m not going to lie to you… I thought I’d hate this show but I really didn’t! I did skip a little near the end but I found it fascinating. It was really interesting to see how people felt they were in love so fast and I enjoyed most aspects of this show. The wedding segment felt a little cruel at times, and it was a shame that this was effectively enforced on the contestants, but I get that it is about making interesting viewing, which it did. I don’t think I’d rush to watch another series though!

Netflix: Restaurants On The Edge

I love a cooking show, and this was a little ‘Gordon Ramsay-esque’. Basically struggling restaurants get a helping hand to turn things around, change up the decor and/or their menu offerings. It was easy viewing while cooking dinner or doing jobs around my home. I have a couple of episodes left and I’m looking forward to finishing it this week while I clean my kitchen before bed.

Netflix: Blockers

This was a film, nothing life-changing but easy enough viewing though. Basically parents find out that their child is planning on losing their virginity on prom night and they set out to thwart their plan. Was something to watch when at home alone one afternoon and if you’re a fan of semi-funny easy viewing then you’ll enjoy this.

Product: *Crockpot Multi-Cooker

I’ve been using this multi-cooker since I moved house and absolutely love it. I have used it for soup, bread, easy slow cooker recipes, my simple pasta sauce and lots more. I love how many features this has and I probably turn it on at least once a day at the moment! We are doing what we can to avoid food waste and this really helps! I love being able to pop items in to cook overnight or just leaving it on for the day and then having a lovely dinner to enjoy once the day is done.


Product: *Panasonic Breadmaker

According to Amazon, I have had this since September 2013 and honestly it is SUCH a workhorse! I love to make brioche rolls, pizza dough, tear & share bread, soft white rolls and lots more, as well as baking bread of course!


Making the most of our garden!

Being at home for over a week already means we’ve really been making the most of our garden! We recently ordered a *Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Rotary for the garden and we got that in place a few days ago. I’m LOVING IT! I’m able to do 2-3 loads of washing, get it out on the line and then it is dry in just a few hours! Amazing! Going from drying clothes in a flat just a few months ago to having a rotary in our own garden is fantastic! I’ve packed my *heated airer away now and hope not to need it much until the Wintertime!


Daisy LOVES playing with her *Little Tikes Wonder Lab outside. It is filthy from all the mud, leaves and twigs that she uses in it but I couldn’t be happy as I wash it down at the end of another day. I’m SO grateful that we have moved into our house and have a nice garden to enjoy. Daisy is fortunate to have a *Hedstrom Swing and *Little Tikes Slide to play with too, which is helping to keep her entertained.

#Hullabaloo Chocolates with 75% less sugar

Hullabaloo Chocolates with 75% less sugar than the average chocolate bar.
75% less sugar chocolates!

These chocolates are billed as being ‘real treats for the whole family, 100% yumminess, no monkey business’. Sounds good to me! Hullabaloo offers family-friendly chocolates with 75% less sugar than the average chocolate bar. *Buy them now on Amazon! These are SO tasty and one small bar was more than enough for Daisy, with a little bite for me too!


20 Cogs - Make money completing tasks & paid offers
Make yourself a little extra cash while shopping from home!

Being at home all of the time at the moment means I need to do a little more of my shopping online than I usually would! I’m being sure to use *TopCashBack or *Quidco to earn cashback along the way. Every little helps, as they say, and so I’m checking before I place any online orders! In the last few years I’ve had around £2,500 of cashback, just for making purchases that I would already be making!

Simply Cook boxes!

Simply Cook Boxes
Still loving Simply Cook with different ingredients!

While I’m having trouble sourcing some of the ingredients I am still loving using my Simply Cook recipes and herb/spice kits for some mealtime inspiration. If you want to grab a box to try yourself for £1 just *sign up to Simply CookThis is a subscription service so be sure to cancel if you don’t want it to renew at £9.99 – I just set myself a reminder for a few days before the next box needed to be selected.

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Airfryer hash browns, *Simply cook boxes and the products I’ve been loving on Amazon this month!
Triple chocolate muffins on a wire cooling rack
Triple chocolate muffins are tasty, simple to make & fast too!
Enjoying an Easter Hunt with Baby Shark (AD - Gifted)

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