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Likes & Loves May 2020

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Hello! Almost at the end of May already. I’m glad that time seems to be going by fast, even if some of the days seem to be dragging when I’m living in them! I love sharing this monthly round up post, as it is a great chance to share new products & posts I’m loving but also to reflect on the past month and how well it has gone. Items that were gifted to me for a possible mention within this feature will be clearly marked with a #. Advertorials are clearly marked with AD. 

Recipe: Airfryer hash browns & Airfryer sausages

Air fryer sausages
So simple and fast too!

Bit of an odd thing to love but it is just such a convenient way to have a treat breakfast without a lot of time and effort. Also, the air fryer helps to make things a little bit healthier.

My likes and loves - Netflix

Netflix: Gilmore Girls

The same as last month! I’m at the end of Season 5 now and really enjoying this trip down memory lane. It’s amazing that some episodes of this show were 1.5-2 decades ago! I don’t think the show has aged badly at all, possibly because it was a little ahead of its time! Some of the reference have dated of course but I’m really enjoying it.

Hello Fresh! (*Grab £20 off your first box)

Likes and Loves April 2020

I’ve worked with Hello Fresh in the past but these boxes I’m paying for myself and I don’t have a current work arrangement with Hello Fresh.

I am loving the convenience of Hello Fresh. It’s so handy when the box arrives each week. I just unpack it all, check that everything has been received (as I’ve read about a few issues online!) and then I have a shelf in my outhouse where I store the dry / non refrigerated items. It takes away some of the stress from mealtimes and is particularly handy when Thomas is on night shifts (like he has been this week).

If you’re a new customer and looking to sign up then you can *use my referral code which will get you £20 off and get me £20 off my next box!

Product: *White Vinegar


I have been using this to wash whites, with good results, but most importantly to kill off some ivy that was growing along our fence line. It was a little too strong, perhaps I should have diluted it, because it actually killed off some of the grass too. Whoops! A little really goes a long way and I only bought such a large quantity because I knew we would be pouring it around our fence line!

Product: *Cooling Pad


I think I share something similar to this last Summer, and now the warmer weather is starting up this has been a godsend! I mostly use this at night, to cool myself down before I fall to sleep. I am using a tower fan too but that just doesn’t cut it! When we moved from our flat I thought it would be much cooler in a house – I was wrong, at least in the Spring anyway!

Product: *Solar garden light Mason Jars


These particularly ones seem to be out of stock but I just wanted to show how pretty they are! We’ve got some of these hung up on brackets on our fence posts and they look glorious at night. They help to light the garden so well and make me feel more excited about getting the garden nice for Summer!

Our garden

We’ve been having a retaining wall built from sleepers, which looks lovely. Once this is finished (the carpenter is just waiting for some more materials to be delivered) then we can turf some patchy areas and start buying plants and items to make it nicer. I’m looking forward to growing lots and have been looking at posts like this: How To: Grow Your Own Vegetables at Home. I’m especially looking forward to growing my own herbs and a few vegetables, such as peppers and chillies too!

Amazon Prime!

I absolutely love Amazon Prime but lately it has really been coming into its own for me. It is so convenient to be able to buy items and get them delivered to me, or to my loved ones. It has helped me to send Birthday presents and ‘thinking of you’ gifts to my loved ones. I have been loving it so much I’ve even updated my post to get an Amazon Prime free trial and I can see a few people have used it already!

Recipe: 15 minute spaghetti bolognese

15 minute spaghetti bolognese

This is such a simple recipe, and fast too. I whip it up for lunches sometimes and it is one of Daisy’s favourite ever meals – which makes me happy as it has lots of hidden veggies in!

Recipe: Easy chicken pie recipe

Easy chicken pie

Another very simple recipe of mine but as it has homemade shortcrust pastry it makes me feel like I’m winning at home cooking! This doesn’t take long to make and you just need a fork to make a cute crimped edges. If you don’t have a *pie dish specifically you could just top a glass dish with a pastry top and it would still work!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.