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Review: Little Brian Mini Art Station + Paint-A-Puzzle (AD)

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We are big fans of creative toys in our home. Arts and crafts, printables from the internet and anything stationery related my 4-year-old daughter absolutely loves! I love that I can set up a *Tuff Tray and Daisy can play with her colouring pens, stickers, glue and other messy items. Painting is something that is a little bit of a headache, as Daisy typically spills the water everywhere, or leaves the brush out where it promptly sticks to the floor and leaves me with a coloured patch of floor to spend an age scrubbing!

Daisy colouring in her Paint-A-Puzzle from Little Brian Paint Sticks

Little Brian Paint Sticks are a great way to enjoy mess free messy play, including painting. These chubby little paint sticks are ideal for smaller hands. Daisy (4) can comfortably take the tops off each of the paint sticks, and put them back on, to prevent the paint sticks from drying out.

Little Brian Paint Sticks Mini Art Station + Paint Sticks

We have previously reviewed a Little Brian Paint Sticks Classic Art Station and this time we have been sent a Little Brian Paint Sticks Mini Art Station to review.

Daisy colouring with her Little Brian Paint Sticks on the Mini Art Station

This mini art station is a double-sided folding art station that comes with a whiteboard and a chalkboard painting surface. Within the art station you also receive 6 chalk sticks, 6 mini paint sticks, 10 sheets of A5 paper and 1 duster. This art is ideal for using on a variety of surfaces and Daisy happily sits on the corner of my desk while I’m working and makes a creation or two.

Daisy using the chalkboard on the Little Brian Mini Art Station

When I reviewed the larger art station I had some niggles, and some of them still remain with this mini art station. The clip requires quite a few sheets of paper to hold the paper in place properly, which isn’t ideal. Also, the included duster isn’t very effective at cleaning, and was quickly redundant in favour of a microfibre cloth and an anti-bacterial spray. The same as last time we reviewed the larger one.

What I love about the Little Brian Paint Sticks is that they are quite versatile. They are great for ‘colouring in’ and you can use them on paper, canvas, card, glass and wood, without the need for any brushes, water or for any of the mess that little ones typically make when painting.

Paint-A-Puzzle from Little Brian Paint Sticks

*Little Brian Paint Sticks can be used for blending, colouring washing, scraping, stamping and dotting. You can even use different colours by blending together with a finger or sponge and you can add water to them to make watercolour pictures.

I love how simple it is to set up an activity for Daisy. It takes just a few seconds to grab these paint sticks and some paper, or printables from the internet, and then let her unleash her creativity. There are a variety of different colours and they even have metallic paint sticks too!

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Little Brian Paint Paint-A-Puzzle (Fun At the Farm)

This particular toy was the real star of the show for us! A puzzle that you can PAINT! Daisy was amazed by this, and we’ve never had a toy like this. We sat together, for a good 20-30 minutes, working on colouring this in, and then Daisy returned to finish her colouring on a second day. Now Daisy has a personalised puzzle, that she helped create herself, which is just so much fun!

The Paint-A-Puzzle from Little Brian Paint Sticks

This puzzle features 12 pieces, which are giant and VERY sturdy, which is super simple to build. The pieces slot together well, with no problems, and the paint sticks glide on to the puzzle really well. It was good fun to lay and colour together, and Daisy loved being able to choose bright colours for her puzzle. It was so nice to see Daisy creating something herself that we can keep to play with again and again. There were also some paint sticks in the box, so if you’re new to the Little Brian paint sticks range then you could definitely purchase this alone initially, to see what your little one thinks!

Daisy colouring in her Paint-A-Puzzle

All in all the paint sticks range is a real hit with Daisy. Every year I get her a new box at Christmas time, and she is ALWAYS happy to see them! They last for ages, make painting more fun, and mostly mess free, and that is a winner for me!

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