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Review: Little Brian Paint Sticks (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted the feature items in exchange for coverage. As I work from home there are days where I just need to get things done, even if Daisy is here. On days like this, we love to get out our craft box and go nuts. Sometimes I leave Daisy to play by herself, and other days I like to craft with her, to have a break from working. For the last six months, I’ve been investing in new products, particularly ones that are low mess or simple for a toddler playing by herself to use. Paint Sticks have been a part of our craft box for most of the year.

Little Brian Paint Sticks

Paint Sticks are exactly what they sound like – sticks made out of paint. They look a little like a tube of glue and they work in the same way. You can twist it up and down, as it runs low and you want to use the last of the paint. The sticks of solid, very vibrant paint, dry in just 1 minute. You can paint without mess, and more importantly your little ones can too! There is no need for brushes or water when you use Paint Sticks.

A closer look at the Little Brian Paint Sticks

I’ve recently been gifted the 24 assorted colours pack, which is ideal for creative children and is going to be available in selected Tesco stores. Within the pack you get 12 classic colours, 6 day glow colours and 6 metallic colours. It is really easy to find which Paint Sticks are which as they are labelled with ‘Day Glow’ or ‘Metallic’, for ease of use.

Drawing a rainbow with the Little Brian Paint Sticks

Paint Sticks are ideal for creating bright, vibrant masterpieces. They are a fanastic gift idea for the creative children in your life. I’m going to be gifting sets to a couple of the children in my life this Christmas and I’m looking forward to having some new creations to hang on the fridge.

Great fun with Paint Sticks

We have used our Paint Sticks on a variety of surfaces including paper, card, wood and glass. The paint is really simple to remove from glass and I often let Daisy paint pictures on our patio doors. She has great fun and I’ve usually got lots of sticky fingerprints to remove anyway!

Creating spots with the Little Brian Paint Sticks

Daisy really enjoys her Paint Sticks and knows exactly what they are even before we play with them. They last for AGES! We had some in our crafts box recently that were used for several weeks. They were used on a daily basis! These Paint Sticks are ideal for dotting, stamping, scraping and painting too. Whether your little one enjoys creating masterpieces or they are just at the stage of having a good scribble Paint Sticks are great fun. They’re really suited to little hands and comfortable to hold for me too.

Want some inspiration for your Little Brian Paint Sticks?

Where to buy Little Brian Paint Sticks

The 24-pack are on offer in Tesco for just £10 right now! You can find out more about these paints, and the various sets available, by visiting the Little Brian website.

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